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 Ready-made solutions» Ready-made companies with bank accounts

Ready-made companies with bank accounts

Have a business development plan? Or already have own business, and there is a need to expand the scope of activities? To avoid the loss of time and effort to register jur. individuals, you can arrange a ready-made company.

You will have a fully prepared company with a package of documents, which is mandatory for conducting a full-fledged activity. We are ready to offer ready-made companies at a good price with a quick transaction.

Companies are already registered and will only need to issue ownership of the owner, to change the head. The client will be able to get all the necessary papers for the operation of the legal entity. faces.

Ready-made companies are in demand among entrepreneurs who need to participate in the tender, however, own company does not fit the parameters of the participant. Due to the fact that the company already has its own account, do not have to spend time on its registration.

We offer you to get acquainted with the proposal to purchase companies that have legal registration and own account. We guarantee a low cost, as well as fast design of the company.