Registration of
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A ready-made company with an open account in Lithuania

Service: Ready-made companies in Lithuania with nominee service and bank account. It is possible to acquire a company with and without VAT.

Deadlines: within 24 hours from the moment of payment, we transfer documents to the company and access to the account.

We also provide assistance in registering a new company in Lithuania.

Company registration in Lithuania is relevant, as an entrepreneur can access the EU market. Companies that are located in this country are protected from double taxation, the registration procedure is relatively short.

Types of legal forms

The country's legislation has no restrictions in the direction of the establishment of companies by foreign businessmen. Non-resident may establish jur. a person of different organizational forms, however, when establishing it is recommended to take into account ease of management, degree of responsibility, etc.

The following enterprises have a special distribution in the country:

  • PI;
  • JSC;

The advantages of individual entrepreneurship are simplified accounting, financial statements are not required - only a tax return is sufficient.

Features of the opening of JSC - the possibility of limiting the liability of the founder. The minimum authorized capital when creating a company is at least 2500 euros. An alternative option - the creation of jur. persons with limited liability.

Company registration in Lithuania online

The first step in registering a company is to choose a company name and carry out procedures for its approval in the register. After that, depending on the chosen form of ownership, it will be necessary to prepare a package of documents and pay all the necessary fees. To facilitate the registration process, contact the company IT - OFFSHORE.

About taxation

One of the main taxes - on the profits of the company - is 15%. In addition, the VAT is paid in the amount of 21%. Dividends should also be paid, but some legal entities are exempt from these payments.

Advantages and disadvantages of registering a company in Lithuania

Opening a company in Lithuania has its advantages and disadvantages. Advantages of creating a business in this jurisdiction:

  • Lithuania has concluded interstate agreements with some countries;
  • The country provides additional business development opportunities;
  • You can temporarily stop the company;
  • When conducting business in the country, a citizen can obtain a residence permit.

Of the minuses, we can note the high requirements for the founders, you will need to provide some identification information.

Open a bank account

To open an account, company owners must submit a package of documents to a financial institution.

The list of required papers includes:

  • Certificate of registration of the company;
  • Charter of the company;
  • Order on the appointment of a director.

The list of papers can be added or changed depending on which institution the applicant has applied to. The time for consideration of documents and the final decision-making takes on average up to 5 days.

Subsequently, the company can carry out full activity. Managing a company's account is relatively simple, as banks offer online services with which it is possible to carry out the necessary transactions in a short time. If the bank suspects that the transaction is risky or is associated with money laundering, the transaction may be suspended and the account is blocked.

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