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Obtaining an FCA license

Today, the purchase of ready-made companies is increasingly in demand. Such companies are completely "clean", without loans and debts. Reporting is properly issued and submitted in a timely manner.

Ready-made firms with open accounts and licenses have a number of advantages. And first of all this is a significant time saving and the opportunity to start your business tomorrow, which is extremely important in the modern world. Such firms are already fully tested and ready to go.

The company IT-OFFSHORE suggests paying attention to the reade-made British company with an open license FCA.
Please find the information on the offer:

Ready-made British company with FCA license

Year of creation is 2003
Country of registration: United Kingdom

Current banking and payment partners:

  • RBS (UK);
  • Ria;
  • NCC Bank (National Credit & Commerce Bangladesh).

Activities that are covered by the license: Forex (GBP / Taka), Money Remittance.
The company has its own software for money transfer.

This license can be extended:

  • E-Money;
  • E-Money Program Controller (operate E-money without being an EMI);
  • Card issuer;
  • Bill payments.

Terms of company’s re-registration is 3 months.

If you want to sell your company, IT-OFFSHORE is ready to help you find a buyer and complete the entire transaction.

We are ready to offer you a large choice, you can choose and buy any ready-made companies with opened bank account.

Please clarify the availability of data and the availability of other firms for sale in our specialists.

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