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Saint Lucia

Capital: Castries.
Official languages: English.
Currency: East Caribbean dollar.

Карта Saint Lucia

Company registration provides the following benefits:


  • Stable economy.
  • Complete confidentiality of beneficiaries and directors whose names are not on public lists.
  • There is no need to file annual reports and audits unless the IBC chooses a 1% income tax rate.
  • Accounting records and books can be maintained in any way.

Saint Lucia is a small island nation in the West Indies, in the eastern Caribbean Sea. The economy of Saint Lucia is based on agriculture, food processing and tourism. The main export crops are bananas, coconuts and citrus fruits. Saint Lucia is also known for producing organic products.


Saint Lucia is a classic offshore that is not on the EU blacklist. This means that an international company (IBC) opened here can not only successfully develop its business, but also save on taxes. There is no capital gains tax, VAT, or royalties.

Features of taxation and reporting

Financial statements are not required if the company is not engaged in financial services or gambling.

  • International business companies (IBCs) are exempt from corporate income tax and value added tax.
  • IBCs are not required to file financial statements or tax returns.
  • Companies are required to pay an annual license fee to renew their status.

Company registration

Time frame for company registration: about 4 working days.

The most common form for registering a company is an international business company (IBC) - this is a standard offshore company with preferential tax treatment, an IBC can engage in any legal form of international business, and a limited liability company (LLC).

After choosing the desired organizational and legal form of the company, it is necessary to register it in compliance with all requirements and norms of local legislation. This includes providing all necessary documents and paying government fees and charges.

To register a company remotely, you will need to provide the following information:

  • Choosing a company name: three options are required.
  • Notarized copies of ID for all participants.
  • A document confirming the residence address of all participants (utility bills, bank statements indicating the address) with notarization.
  • Bank statement no older than 3 months from the date of application.

A quick guide to registering a company in Saint Lucia:

To quickly register an IBC in Saint Lucia, contact IT-OFFSHORE specialists. The cost of our services includes:

  • Preparation of documents (collection, filling, notarization, etc.).
  • Company registration.
  • Payment of all government fees.
  • Registration agent services for 1 year with the possibility of extension.
  • Translation services.
  • Delivery of registration documents to any address.

The bottom line

It is important to note that Saint Lucia offshore company legislation is subject to change and you should always seek up-to-date information and advice from specialists in the field. Establishing and operating an offshore company requires care and compliance with all relevant laws and regulations. Therefore, before starting the registration process, it is recommended to consult with IT-OFFSHORE legal specialists who specialize in offshore structures.

 Our company offers comprehensive support for the company at all stages - from registration to full support of its activities. We not only help you legally register a company, but also take on many subsequent tasks.

In particular, our scope of services includes maintaining accounting and tax records, providing nominee directors and shareholders, leasing a legal address, obtaining all necessary licenses and permits for the company. We actually ensure the full operation of the business in accordance with the laws of a particular jurisdiction.

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