Company Registration in Singapore 2019

Company Registration in Singapore 2019

Singapore is a city state. This jurisdiction includes 63 islands, the largest of which is Singapore - it is the most important. The area of ​​jurisdiction for 2018 is over 722 km2. The Republic is highly developed and has a large GNP.

In this regard, many entrepreneurs make decisions about registering a company in this particular jurisdiction, since the country is one of the world's financial centers.

Advantages of opening a company in Singapore

Registering a company in this jurisdiction is a common practice, since Singapore is a prestigious country with a developed infrastructure, and trade is well developed in the state.

What are the advantages of registration can be identified:
• There is no shortage of skilled workers;
• Stable financial system;
• Relatively low tax payments;
• Ability to buy property in the jurisdiction;
• Lack of exchange controls;
• The presence of many of the largest banks;
• The country has signed a double tax treaty with many countries.

The most common and promising areas of development in Singapore are the provision of legal or audit services, as well as holding, transportation and so on. If you have any questions regarding the opening of the company, our it - offshore specialists will advise and help you assemble the necessary documents for the creation of the company.

Features of registration of a company in a jurisdiction

Most often non-residents open companies with an organizational form - LLC. Most often, the liability of the shareholders of this legal entity is limited to the share contributed.

Regardless of the organizational structure of the company, the name should include the suffix Pte, Ltd. For some organizations, including those engaged in banking, a special license will be required.

To arrange a business in a jurisdiction, it is necessary to provide the company's Charter, indicate the type of activity of the organization, the rules that govern the work of the company. At least one shareholder and director are required for registration, but several persons may be appointed to this position. Firms that are registered in Singapore must have a registered address and office in the jurisdiction.

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