Guaranteed opening of a bank account

Guaranteed opening of a bank account

Buying an offshore company in Hong Kong is easier than it seems. Our experts will help you to do everything easily and quickly.

We are guaranteed to open Hong Kong company and company accounts for our customers.

Upon opening accounts, we offer three main options, in each of which our trained specialist goes to the bank and opens an account, after which it transfers it to the client’s management. The difference between the options is in the format of the transfer account:

1. If you are not opposed to placing yourself in a public register of enterprises, then we write out our director from the company, bringing you or your authorized representative there. At the same time, we support you in transferring an account to you (the recommended period from the moment of opening an account), and we work with you to ensure that your work profile, as well as the impression made at your personal meeting, is positive for bank employees, and that each answer at the interview in the bank fit into the format that interests each individual local bank today.
2. If you do not want to be available in public registries, but still intend to personally communicate with the bank, and so that the bank knows and understands you as a client, then instead of the director, you or your authorized person will be made account manager or when opening an account.
3. If you want to receive a completely confidential structure, and do not want the bank to hold information about you, then our specially selected employee will transfer the account on the basis of legal agreements between us, the director and you, without making changes to bank records.

In all cases, the final rights to the company and to the account will belong to the client. If the structure includes a nominee director or shareholder, his rights will be limited to strictly written instructions of the client.

The cost of the first and second options - 5000 USD. The third option costs 3900 USD. In the third option, everything is done without the need for arrival, but in the first and second options we have agreements with banks that the customer can identify in the country where he is located. Banks reserve the right to ask to see a client.

We work only with the largest banks in Hong Kong: BOC, DBS, Hang-Seng, HSBC, Standard Chartered.

To place an order, we ask the beneficiary to fill out a KYC and a questionnaire and provide copies of personal documents (passport, proof of residence).

Our main task is to understand what you need, and proceed from this, because today we can provide a solution for any client. Therefore, leave a request on the site, describing the solution you are looking for, and we will contact you within 24 hours.

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