Obtaining a Forex license in Georgia in a week is real

Obtaining a Forex license in Georgia in a week is real

Obtaining an investment license in Georgia has several advantages. It provides an opportunity to work in the Member States of the European Union. Georgia is considered one of the countries in which it is easy to do business. To work in the depository, on the stock exchange, the registrar of securities, in brokerage, you need a mandatory permit.

If you need to obtain a Forex license and develop in the direction of financial activity, you should first register a company. For advice and answers to questions of interest, contact our specialists at IT-OFFSHORE.

License Issues

One of the advantages of developing business in Georgia is a special taxation regime that can be issued upon registration at the PPE. Such an advantage gives an advantage in conducting trade between countries, as well as in the development of industrial production.

The country has created good conditions for work in the field of information technology. In this country, it is important to open a company that provides broker services in the CIS and EU countries.

The work of financial organizations is regulated by orders and legal acts. Without obtaining permission, you cannot work as a securities registrar, operate on an exchange, manage assets, etc.

What services can be provided only with a license:

• Sale of shares and bills, other securities;
• Implementation of actions on the turnover of shares;
• Organization of the issue of securities;
• Performing research on the securities market;
• Investment management;
• Sale of currency;
• Performing other activities related to finance.

According to the law of Georgia, a company can receive a privilege on making a profit tax if it conducts business between countries, and the income is generated outside the jurisdiction.

Requirements and benefits when opening a brokerage organization

Only those companies that fit a number of requirements can provide brokerage services. They must have a legal address in the jurisdiction, a license and registered capital. A company that has special permission to operate a broker must make a number of tax payments.

These include VAT, income and pension tax, dividend payment, real estate tax. To register a financial institution, obtain a broker license, a number of documentation should be collected.

To obtain a license, you need a copy of the passport of the founders and the director. In addition, you will need data confirming the lease of the office, information about the founder’s reputation, certificates from a financial institution about a bank account and documents that confirm the absence of a criminal record.

Plus, opening a business in the country is a small price for the services of a bank. In addition, registering an organization is easy. Perhaps the opening of the company by residents and non-residents, there are no requirements for OPF.

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