Ireland is the best country to launch an IT company

Ireland is the best country to launch an IT company

Over the past 10 years, there has been a major breakthrough in technology development. Progress has been made in all areas. Today, most people have access to the Internet, many have mobile phones for communication, to manage finances you can use electronic wallets and pay without using cash.

For the creation and development of business in recent years, often open companies associated with information technology. IT services are relevant. Many people are interested in the question where it is better to develop such a business.

Choice of country and definition of business goals

When choosing a country where you can start an international business, you should take into account the specifics of the area where you plan to work. It is necessary to register a company in the country where comfortable conditions for business development are created. The following points should be taken into account in determining the jurisdiction:

  • Planning to attract investment for development;
  • Who is the partner of the firm, how will the payment for services be received;
  • The need to work in the country of registration;
  • Receipt of dividends;
  • Features of tax payment in the jurisdiction.

It is necessary to consider what opportunities the country provides for the development of the company, whether they help to achieve the goals. Also, when doing business may raise the issue of the need for nominal service. It is applied if anonymity is required, as required by the laws of the country, and tax charges should be optimized.

Feature of doing business in Ireland

One of the advantages of starting a business in this country is one of the lowest corporate taxes. Jurisdiction is characterized by flexible legislation, good protection of property rights and developed infrastructure. In this country, it is profitable to open an IT-related startup medical project.

Which areas are the most promising:

  • High technologies;
  • Software and security systems;
  • Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics;
  • Food products.

The disadvantage of doing business is that the country has a high level of competition, but there is a great choice of support programs. The country supports companies not only with low tax revenues, but also at the level of migration. There is a program in which you can get a visa.

For this purpose, it is necessary to propose an innovation that will benefit the state. A visa can be obtained for investment and company foundation, successful development and job creation. First of all, an application is submitted for consideration with attached documents on financing.

First, the visa is given for 2 years, but then it can be extended or issued a residence permit. To get answers to your questions about obtaining a visa in the country and opening a company, please contact our specialists at IT-OFFSHORE.

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