Vanuatu Forex License - Still Cheapest Brokerage License

Vanuatu Forex License - Still Cheapest Brokerage License

Vanuatu is a small state located in the South Pacific. Jurisdiction is not far from Australia, Fiji. The republic is a member of the UN, the IMF, etc. To stimulate economic growth, the government of the republic provides attractive conditions for the inflow of foreign investments. In this regard, many businessmen make out forex - a license in this particular jurisdiction.

Why is it worth licensing in Vanuatu?

A license issued in the republic provides many opportunities for the owner. For example, if you have the appropriate permission, you can trade forex - currency, buy and sell stocks, bonds and other securities. In addition, obtaining a permit can be applied by investment management agencies.

Why you should order this license:
• The permit has a low cost;
• Registration is relatively simple;
• Paperwork is fast;
• Confidentiality;
• Lack of exchange controls.

Acquisition of a brokerage license in compliance with all rules and laws is a legal procedure, carried out on the basis of the Fraud Prevention Act. According to it, both legal entities and individuals can apply this license when performing certain operations.

Nuances of obtaining a license

Before acquiring a brokerage license in a jurisdiction, it is necessary to register a company in the country. To do this, you must first make a unique company name with a translation into English. The minimum number of shareholders is 1 or more. You must have a share capital of about 40,000 USD, as well as a local registered office.

Subsequently, it is necessary to prepare documentation for a registered firm, a business plan for the company, data from business passports, and a copy of the financial report. It is necessary to pay the registration fee and state duty, as well as to have a capital deposit.

To learn more about the nuances of ordering a brokerage license, contact our IT-OFFSHORE specialists. Experts will promptly assist you and answer all your questions.

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