Cryptocurrency company in Australia

Cryptocurrency company in Australia

The creation of a company in whose turnover virtual currencies are involved is connected with the need to open a current account in a bank. Despite the long history of Bitcoin, the laws of many countries offering jurisdiction for this type of business do not contain provisions on legalizing organizations. There are no rules governing the opening of organizations involved in the exchange of cryptocurrencies. One of the advanced technologies for establishing the status of cryptobusiness, the possibility of opening settlement accounts for such companies was invented in Australia. The country today is the leader in the regulation of the market of electronic currencies.

What you need to open a current account in Australia

For business owners in the field of electronic currencies in accordance with the requirements of Australian law requires the following conditions:

• Registration of an organization in the jurisdiction of Australia - it is necessary to create legal status on the basis of local acts on the work of companies of this type;
• Organization of offshore in the territories of Belize, Nevis or Seychelles - it is possible to create a company operating under the tax free system (tax-free status).

Opening a current account in Australia is carried out:
• Within 2-3 weeks, when organizing a company in an offshore zone, the process is quick, it is possible to register an account with a bank within 3-5 days.
• When registering bank documents, currencies expressed in real currency should be placed on the account, this is one of the main conditions imposed by local authorities. Then the turn can be carried out in virtual variations.
• It is possible to post an account as a personal business owner or remotely.
• Banking services are provided by financial institutions - ANZ Bank, Commonwealth Bank, Westpac, NAB.

You can manage your bank account from abroad. To do this, you must contact for the services of our specialists. Under the condition of starting a business, the financial activities of which are regulated and allowed by the legislation of the country where the account is opened, the mining procedure will be carried out.

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