How to quickly register a company in the Seychelles in 2019

How to quickly register a company in the Seychelles in 2019

The Republic of Seychelles is located in South Africa. In total, the republic includes 115 islands. In recent years, a significant development of this island nation has been noted. In this regard, the republic has become a suitable place to open a company.

Benefits of company registration

The main feature of registering a company in the Seychelles is the payment of a relatively low annual government fee - it is only $ 100. Registered companies can access the international market, which is also a plus. There are no high capital requirements.

Advantages of opening a company in the Seychelles:
• Ability to protect personal data;
• Ability to create a licensed business in almost any field;
• Favorable investment conditions;
• State support;
• Registration term is relatively small;
• Minimum requirements for share capital;
• No currency control;
• The possibility of obtaining a stable income from the company.

The country is economically stable and independent. The cost of creating a company is relatively small, there is permission for multilingual documents regarding the establishment of the company.

You can find out the cost of registering a company and deadlines from IT-OFFSHORE specialists. Experienced experts will be able to answer all questions and help to collect the necessary documents in a short time.

Distinctive features of IBC

International Business Company (international firms) are created on the basis of the law on commercial organizations, and are able to take on various organizational forms of private institutions. The most common form is LLC (limited company), the most rare are companies with unlimited liability (unlimited company).
IBC cannot trade within jurisdiction. They also can not work in some areas - banking, insurance. IBCs pay a fee of $ 100, do not pay other tax payments.

To register such a company, there must be one shareholder and a director at a minimum. Registration is carried out by entering the company in a special register, filing a Memorandum, Charter of the company.
When registering the company name can be used in any language, but it must be accompanied by a translation into English, French.

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