5 countries that are most friendly to crypto-currencies

5 countries that are most friendly to crypto-currencies

In different states there is a contradictory attitude regarding the use of the crypto currency. Some countries assume that manipulation of the currency is speculative and over time it will become irrelevant. Some states are positive about the use of crypto currency and are ready to support the development of this type of business.

Leading a crypto-currency business in Malta

Malta is one of the most crypto-friendly countries. One of the tasks planned by the government of the island state is to make Malta "an island of blockchane." Already some changes are visible - so, Malta has the reputation of the most friendly country for the cryptocurrency, which supports the development of this business.

02.2018 it was created the Office of the Digital Innovation. The management tasks are certification of platforms, verification and confirmation of their reliability, as well as legal protection of users.

This year, several draft laws on blockchain and crypto-currency have been approved:

• The law governing the activities of the Office of Innovation;

• The law allowing to regulate the activity of the ICO;

• Law regulating the procedure for registering service providers, technology.

Malta is becoming one of the most relevant places for registering business related to crypto currency. Pros for the development of a crypto-currency start-up - low rates of tax payments, there is an opportunity to open an account with the EU.

Which countries are friendly to the Crypto-currency

The list of countries positively related to the development of the crypto-currency business is growing. Some states are friendly to new technologies and offer entrepreneurs particularly favorable conditions for business development.

Countries that are friendly to the crypto currency:

- Switzerland is the country that many blockchane startups have chosen. This state of Western Europe was one of the first to start drafting a database of laws for the ICO. Crypto currency in the country is considered foreign, most traders do not need to pay taxes on capital gains;

- Estonia is a country whose government supports crypto-currencies, and also considers the possibility of using blockchain at the state level. Estonia - the first country offering electronic residence, the state. identification in digital format, allowing entrepreneurs from any point of measure to manage the business;

- Liechtenstein is a state that provides an attractive environment and low tax rates for conducting a crypto-currency business. The country's banks agree to keep users' funds in the form of a crypto currency;

- Georgia is a country whose authorities are interested in blockchain technology and are trying to introduce technologies into the work. Especially the country is attractive for miners.

The list of countries that welcome and supports the development of the crypto-currency business is quite large. Many states are positive about the development of the existing financial system.

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