Business in Hong Kong in 2019

Business in Hong Kong in 2019

Hong Kong is a special administrative region, which is considered one of the best financial centers in Asia. This jurisdiction is attractive in many respects for businessmen who are planning to enter the world market.

The main advantage of business development in Hong Kong in 2019 is a flexible tax system. In addition, the jurisdiction is prestigious, occupies high positions in the ranking of the most famous business centers in the world.

The advantages of opening a company

The leading economic areas of Hong Kong in 2019 are energy, trade, food and electronics, and the transportation sector is promising. Thanks to good business conditions, the opening of a company in Hong Kong in 2019 is in demand.

What are the advantages of business development:
• The most common are English and Chinese;
• Ability to enter the international market;
• Many reputable educational institutions that produce qualified professionals.

The country signed an agreement on the avoidance of double taxation, has no restrictions on the size of the smallest share capital, is conveniently located geographically.

Features of the opening of a company in Hong Kong

When deciding on the creation of a business in a jurisdiction, it is required to choose the organizational and legal form for the design of the company. The main forms - partnership, LLC - the most common form.

The smallest number of directors and shareholders is one. To open, you need to register a unique company name, hire a secretary and register a room at the office. For some types of businesses you will need to get a license. The income tax is 16.5%, VAT and dividends are 0%.

For the full functioning of the company will need to open a bank account in Hong Kong. To do this, the bank will need to justify the desire to open an account in these institutions, it is necessary to prove the seriousness of the business, to prepare the required documents on the legal entity.

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