Czech SPI license in 2017!

Czech SPI license in 2017!

How to become a small payment institution? An important step in providing payment services and starting financial activities is obtaining a license. This is Czech SPI license.

To obtain a Czech SPI license, you need to determine the type of project activity. For example, if the project is linked with exchange of Crypto-currency, with the initial coins offering (ICO), then it's a green light to get a Czech SPI license.

The SPI license in the Czech Republic or license for a small payment institution is one way to be able to provide financial services without becoming a full-fledged bank.

For example, accepting and sending payments to customers (including individuals), electronic currencies / cash exchanging, issuing financial instruments, merchant solutions creating, etc. - this is what gives SPI license in the Czech Republic.

Czech SPI license

It's easier to contact us for help to get SPI license in the Czech Republic. The fact is that this is not an easy task and it is costly and lengthy process to obtain SPI license in the Czech Republic yourself.

Why is the task not easy?

1) The first step is company registration
2) Next, it will be necessary to prepare statutory documents and regulations in accordance with Czech law and bank requirements
3) Then the interpreter fully accompanies during the license receipting
4) And full service at the legal level to obtain a license. Also business plan development based on a questionnaire filled out by the client.
5) All fees and document transfers
6) Complete all documents and applications in order to obtain a license
7) Presentation of the firm on the basis of a power of attorney in the Czech National Bank
8) Documentation development for the customers of the payment system. (Public Offer)
9) Bank account opening in the Bank-acquirer of the system, with which the system will operate.
10) Legal address.

As you can see, in order to obtain the Czech SPI license, you need to perform many steps, starting with the company registration.

Please note that the Czech SPI license is issued to those who have an annual turnover of no more than 36 million euros. Otherwise, the license can be extended.
If you want to obtain a license and successfully start your own activity, then you have the great opportunity to implement your plan - ask us for help!

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