Buy offshore in Seychelles 2022: what is important to know

Buy offshore in Seychelles 2022: what is important to know

Foreigners who need an offshore in Seychelles have two options. The first is to register a new company, for which you need to collect and prepare a package of documents, submit an application, wait for the approval of the regulator. The second option is to buy an offshore business in the Seychelles, for which we recommend contacting IT-OFFSHORE experts. We will not only find a suitable firm, but will accompany at all stages of the registration transaction.

Advantages of Seychelles for offshore

Seychelles is a great option for companies that want to do international business. In 2021 the EU removed the jurisdiction from the blacklist, so companies registered here do not cause suspicion, there are no problems with transactions.

At the same time the Seychelles has maintained a high level of confidentiality. The law guarantees data protection and anonymity. Information about the real owners, shareholders, directors is inaccessible. Third parties can obtain information only through the courts. If the owner is worried about anonymity, the services of a nominee service are allowed.

Other advantages of the Seychelles:

  • Profits outside the jurisdiction are completely tax-free;
  • It is possible not to file annual financial statements;
  • Offshore company can have 1 director and 1 shareholder. One person can combine the two positions;
  • No secretary is required;
  • There is no currency control.

By law, offshore company in Seychelles must hire a registered agent. You also need to rent a legal office (we will solve these issues).

The main options for buying a ready-made business

There are several options for registering an offshore in Seychelles 2022 and buying a ready-made business. Which one to choose depends on your goals.

Buying a shelf company

Buy a shelf company that has already been incorporated. It did not work anywhere after the paperwork, so it boasts a clean history, no debts. You should choose a company based on the type of company, name, registered form of activity. The transaction is quick and consists of the transfer of ownership from the current owner to the buyer, who can become a shareholder or beneficial owner.

Buying shares

Another way to buy a company in the Seychelles is to buy its shares. The purchase can be done through private negotiations (which is preferable) or in a public tender. The second option is not a good idea because the company can be taken over by paying a higher price.

Merger and consolidation

Another way to acquire a company in the Seychelles is through a takeover and merger. This option is governed by the International Business Companies Act (IBC), and provides for the possibility of merging two foreign companies into one.

The merger must be approved by the directors of both companies on the basis of a plan, which must include such data:

  • The name of each business separately and the common name after the merger;
  • Information about the shares of the newly formed company and their distribution among the shareholders;
  • Terms of purchase (merger) and the procedure for converting the shares of the old company into shares of the new one;
  • Information that the new owner takes over the debts, liabilities, movable and immovable property of the company it bought;
  • When the merger plan is approved, it is necessary to make amendments to the Memorandum and Articles of Association, and then send the documents to the Registry of Companies.

How to buy an offshore company in the Seychelles quickly

To buy a Seychelles offshore company, contact IT-OFFSHORE and we will help you.

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