Price and terms of opening an offshore company in the Seychelles

Price and terms of opening an offshore company in the Seychelles

Opening an offshore company in the Seychelles does not take much time. It is usually easier to open a company in this territory than in the BVI or some other jurisdictions.

Nuances of opening

Registering an offshore company in the Seychelles in 2021 is a good option if you need to preserve anonymity and optimize tax payments while conducting international business. Offshore companies are completely exempt from taxation that is replaced by a flat fee, remitted annually.

Requirements for companies:

  • At least one shareholder and director;
  • Presence of a registration agent;
  • An office in the territory.

There are no conditions regarding citizenship. Information about directors and shareholders is neither public, nor disclosed. Standard amount of share capital is $100,000. International companies are not required to file audits and accounting statements, but the internal records must be kept.

If the company is new, it is required to create a unique name for the company. It is advisable to draw up several versions of the name at once. To open a company, documents of the directors and shareholders will be required. After completing the registration process the founder receives the charter and registration certificate, share certificate and data on the distribution of shares.

The advantages of opening

The Seychelles is one of the world's tax havens. The main advantage of establishing a company is the absence of taxes on international business. The anonymity of the directors and owners is preserved.

Registration does not take much time. Cost of annual maintenance is not high. Purchase of an offshore with a package of documentation makes up about $3000 on average. It is allowed to use a virtual office.

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