How to open an offshore in Gibraltar quickly: instructions

How to open an offshore in Gibraltar quickly: instructions

Quickly open an offshore in Gibraltar in 2022 can be done in two ways. The first is to register a company from scratch. The process takes up to 2 weeks if all the documents are prepared correctly. The second is to buy a shelf company. This is how a registered company is called, which has never worked anywhere, so it has a clean history and does not require special verification. In this case, you can become an offshore owner in 2-3 days.

How to register an offshore in Gibraltar

To register an offshore in Gibraltar, a company must meet the following requirements:

  • Come up with a unique name in English, register it at the Gibraltar Chamber of Registration;
  • Rent a real legal office. There must be a copy of the Register of Directors and shareholders;
  • Hire a permanent secretary who will be responsible for filing official documents with government agencies. Information about this person must be submitted at the time of registration;
  • Draw up and register the Memorandum and Articles of Association at the Commercial Registry by paying the registration fee. These documents must be signed by the members of the company;
  • Provide the regulator with detailed information about the company's activities - registration form, Articles of Incorporation, Memorandum, etc;
  • Fill out a complete registration form of individual entrepreneur (S1) for each partner (directors, beneficiaries) of the company, along with a certified copy of an identity card or passport;
  • Provide a letter of recommendation from bank, accountant, lawyer, other registered professional;
  • The minimum share capital is £1, but the recommended amount is £2000. You will need it to pay capital tax on incorporation.

An offshore company in Gibraltar must be registered with the tax office, then apply to the Ministry of Employment. When it approves the registration, the tax office will complete the registration of your company, issue a TIN, and mail the registration documents package.

After registering your company at the Registration Chamber, you must open a bank account. You also need to apply for additional permits and licenses, if necessary.

Important: Information on the directors and shareholders are in the public domain. If maximum confidentiality is required, we will find a nominee director, secretary, shareholder.

How to buy an offshore in Gibraltar

If you want to open an offshore and start a business without the hassle of registration documents, buy a shelf company in Gibraltar. Our directory has many registered companies with a clean history that will suit your operation. We recommend taking a company that was registered several years ago. It is more expensive, but causes more confidence among customers, partners, bank employees.

The deal takes 1-2 days, we take upon ourselves all papers and re-registration. If necessary we provide nominee directors, beneficiaries, help to open a bank account with accounting documents.

After registration / purchase

Gibraltar companies must renew their registration annually, updating their registered address and other information. All offshore companies must keep books of account. Once a year, accounts must be filed with the Registrar of Companies. If the organization is designed as a "small business" (turnover not more than £6.5 million, the staff of less than 50 employees), a report on the losses, income, auditor may not apply.

How to quickly open an offshore in Gibraltar

To quickly open a business in Gibraltar 2022, contact IT-OFFSHORE experts and we'll help you.

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