Opening an account in Gibraltar at a local company

Opening an account in Gibraltar at a local company

Gibraltar is a small state overseen by the British jurisdiction. For several hundred years the country has been engaged in servicing of sea vessels. Now the banking system of the country has become popular among foreigners.

Buying an account in Gibraltar is profitable, given that the economy in the jurisdiction is stable, while the banking institutions are loyal to customers. The purchase of the account allows for reducing expenses for service fees. Account registration is a rather complicated process. To quickly open an account in Gibraltar, please contact our specialists at IT-OFFSHORE.

Features of opening an account

Gibraltar is a state with a special status in the European Union. The financial sector of the country tends to grow and registering offshore Gibraltar can be very beneficial, as the jurisdiction provides many opportunities for non-residents.

Obtaining entry clearance for foreigners can be difficult, and many financial institutions provide remote account opening and fund management capabilities. Registering an account for an offshore company is possible if the organization's activities include insurance operations, fund management, computer game development, banking services, and maintenance of ships.

There are some nuances to creating an account:

  • Many banks do not work directly with clients but rather with specialists;
  • Opening a corporate account with a private bank may require a personal visit to the institution;
  • The documents must be translated into English;
  • Corporate accounts are opened only for certain types of activities.

Jurisdictional banks may require not only the usual documentation, such as beneficiary data, but also additional information. Clients are carefully selected, which makes the account creation procedure slightly long.

Advantages of opening an account

There are some advantages to creating an account. Tariffs for maintenance are relatively low. You can also ensure deposits up to 100 thousand euros. Some organizations may hold user deposits in other jurisdictions to provide additional protection.

The country has a lucrative tax regime. Many banks have a positive reputation. The country allows opening an account with an offshore company on attractive terms.

Well-known banking institutions

One of the most popular banks is Barclays, a financial institution known worldwide. It has branches in most jurisdictions and offers the opening of personal and corporate accounts.

You can open an account in Credit Suisse Limited - a representative office of the famous Swiss bank. Foreigners may open an account. To register it, you need to visit the organization in person.

EFG specializes mainly in providing services to private clients. For an offshore company, the founder must have a personal meeting with a representative of the bank.

The branch of the Danish bank - Jyske Bank Limited - provides services to open a personal or corporate account. The advantage of the bank is that services may be provided in the Russian language, while your account can be registered remotely.

Lloyds TSB International Bank serves clients all over the world and allows them to conduct international transactions with finances. Before submitting the documents you need to translate them into English.

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