How to buy a freezone company in the UAE in 2022

How to buy a freezone company in the UAE in 2022

If you want to quickly start working in the Middle East, we recommend buying a freezone company in the UAE. The local government is interested in investment and offers foreigners a lot of financial benefits. For this purpose in the UAE were created special free zones, each of which has its own characteristics. It is necessary to choose where to buy a company, taking into account its field of activity.

Advantages of UAE free zones

Free zones in the UAE are territories with special financial and tax incentives. There are a total of seven emirates in the UAE, each of which has several designated territories. In total, there are about 40 free zones.

The advantages of free zones in the Arab Emirates:

  • Full foreign ownership of the company is allowed;
  • There is no foreign exchange regulation, which simplifies financial transactions;
  • No import and export duties, which helps in the development of international trade;
  • Complete exemption from many taxes, including income, corporate;
  • 20 free zones exempt from VAT;
  • Ability to hire local employees.

Obligatory condition for the benefits - companies are not allowed to operate in the local market, that is, in areas that are not part of the free economic zones.

Why it is better to buy than to open a company

Buying a company in the UAE allows you to start work right away. You do not have to run with the documents, draw up a charter, meet other requirements of the regulator, wait for a positive decision. Such a company already has a history, so causes confidence in customers, partners, banks.

Where to buy a company in UAE

Before you buy a freezone company in the UAE, it is necessary to ask about the features and advantages that each zone provides.

Ajman (AFZA)

Ajman zone is one of the most popular among investors. Its advantages are the easy issuance of visas for foreign personnel, inexpensive warehouses, offices and lots for construction. Here it is possible to engage in various types of businesses, with special attention paid to information technology. For this even created a special area Ajman Media City.

Dubai Airports (Abu Dhabi)

If you are planning an active international business, pay attention to the free zone of Dubai airports. This includes three airports:

  • Abu Dhabi International;
  • Al Ain International;
  • Al Bateen Executive Airports.

The zone gives a lot of different benefits for business in the UAE 2022 - no corporate tax, no income tax, no customs duties. Proximity to the airport allows you to quickly receive goods, arrange business meetings. There is excellent internet and telecommunication services. You can get to the office at any time of the day or night.

Jebel Ali

If you are planning to do charity work and create a foundation, you should pay attention to Jebel Ali, the largest center of humanitarian aid. The infrastructure here is arranged so that you can respond quickly. This can be personal assistance as well as support for economic development. Fast free transactions, full repatriation of capital and profits are available in the area. The airport is nearby, so you don't have to worry about international transportation.

How quickly to buy a company in the UAE

If you want to buy a company in the UAE, contact IT-OFFSHORE experts and we will find the right option.

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