How to open a bank account in Switzerland quickly: Top banks

How to open a bank account in Switzerland quickly: Top banks

Opening a bank account in Switzerland is not as difficult as it seems. Local banks are focused on foreign customers, so they are happy to accommodate them. Some even offer the opportunity to register online.

Features of a bank account in Switzerland

Most large banks offer the opportunity to become a customer online, but this often requires a large deposit - from 100 or 500 thousand Swiss francs. If this is not possible, our experts will help you find an institution that does not require large amounts.

An account can be opened in any popular currency. Every bank sets its own minimum deposit amount, so you may find an institution that will accept your funds.

Despite the high level of confidentiality, it is not possible to open an anonymous account in Switzerland. It is obligatory to show your passport. The only thing - it is possible to make transactions not under your name, but the account number.

Who can become a bank client in Switzerland

Any foreigner over 18 years of age may open an account at a Swiss bank. Problems may arise for residents of a country that is under sanctions or for individuals who are not trustworthy.

Documents for opening an account

To open an account, you need the following documents:

  • Passport or other identification;
  • A certificate of origin of funds (paper from work, agreement on the sale of property, etc.). The bank will not accept money that was obtained illegally, even if there is no proof, only suspicion;
  • Certificate of residence in Switzerland or abroad;
  • If a foreigner can not come to Switzerland, copies of papers should be certified by a notary, send by mail.

Where to open an account for a non-resident

Every major bank in Switzerland allows non-residents to open an account. In practice, foreigners are faced with the fact that banks often hide this possibility to the extent of complicating the process and related costs are incomprehensible. Good conditions for non-residents offer PostFinance, Migros Bank, Aargau Cantonal Bank.


To register with PostFinance, you need to register on the bank's website, fill out a questionnaire, wait until the bank will contact you by phone or e-mail to sign up for an interview. Then you need to come to the branch, answer the employee's questions. To open a bank account at PostFinance you need a passport, a permanent address, and tax information. It is important to know that there is a special fee of ₣25 per month for people who do not live in Switzerland.

Migros Bank 

Migros Bank is convenient for EU citizens because it does not require a minimum deposit from them. At the same time, people from other countries must deposit at least ₣250 thousand into the account. To open an account with Migros Bank, you need to contact customer service and arrange a visit to the branch. A residence permit holder can apply for an account online.

The basic plan starts at ₣3 per month. Residents may also be charged additional fees (from ₣5 to ₣10 per month), which you should check with an employee of the bank, as there is no information on the website.

Aargau Cantonal Bank

Aargau Cantonal Bank is convenient because it does not require a minimum deposit amount from non-residents. Bank fees depend on the country of residence and the degree of risk assessment (from ₣15 to ₣60 per month). Thus, residents of India pay more than citizens of Switzerland's neighboring countries. You will also have to pay a monthly account maintenance fee.

To open an account at Aargau Cantonal Bank, call the bank manager or apply online. It is also possible to visit a branch without an appointment. In addition to the standard documents, at the interview you must give a clear reason why you need to register with the local bank. If everything is in order, an account will be opened within a few days.

How to quickly become a client of a Swiss bank

To open a bank account in Switzerland, contact IT-OFFSHORE experts and we will help you.

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