What's the reason to open a Swiss bank account in 2020?

What's the reason to open a Swiss bank account in 2020?

Switzerland is one of the largest financial centers; the jurisdiction is prestigious and respectable. Due to its positive reputation it is profitable to open an account with a Swiss bank in 2020. The country has strict laws regarding the stability of the banking system, and banking secrecy is enshrined in the law.

Services in the banks of the jurisdiction are provided at a high-quality level. By opening an account with one of the country's banks, it is possible to protect capital and financial assets. An important requirement when opening an account is to confirm the legality of investments. To learn more about the account opening, please contact our experts at IT-OFFSHORE.

The pros of opening an account

Switzerland is one of the most economically developed countries with a high GDP level. The country's financial climate is favourable, and the banking sector is developing successfully.

One of the main principles of bank policy is the preservation of deposits. It is safe to keep funds in banks. In Switzerland, all banks are parties in a deposit protection agreement. Most financial institutions employ staff who speak different languages. The country is respectable, and opening a corporate account with a local bank can increase the prestige of the company.

Features of creating an account

A current account with the bank is opened if you need to conduct local business, and to provide for the company. For registration it is required to have a real office and business partners. The main purpose of opening investment accounts is to increase capital. Before opening an account, it is necessary to determine the purpose of its use.

To open an account, you need to fulfill a number of conditions. The client must not be a member of the list of unreliable persons, criminals, etc. It is necessary to prove the legality of income origin. When choosing a bank it is necessary to specify the minimum deposit amount, the balance, and the need to visit the institution in person.

Before opening it is necessary to collect a number of documents to be filed with the bank. Each financial institution has the right to request additional data. It is important to confirm the registration of the company, the competence of the director, and to prove the legality of funds.

TOP-banks, where you can open an account

One of the well-known banks where you can open an account in Switzerland is CIM Banque. This financial institution is private, serving users of different nationalities. There are staff who speak different languages. It is possible to create a personal and corporate account, but the institution does not cooperate with offshore companies.

Credit Suisse Bank is one of the largest banks in the country, which has repeatedly received the status of the best bank in private capital management. The organization has many branches; it is stable and reliable. It provides a large list of services for private and corporate clients. There is a possibility to open accounts for offshores.

USB is a well-known organization, which was established in 1912. The bank has extensive experience and is distinguished by its reliability, highly qualified staff, as well as high level of protection of bank secrecy. It is possible to open personal and corporate accounts. There are representative offices in different countries.

EFG Bank is well known, with its main office located in Zurich. The institution was established in the 90s. Over time of its operation it has become a private bank of international scale. It is possible to open personal and corporate accounts, for various companies, including offshores. The bank specializes in savings and investment accounts.

PKB Privatbank is a well-known financial institution founded in the late 50s in Zurich. The bank is one of the main participants of the bond market in francs. It ensures confidentiality and high quality of services. It is possible to open a personal and corporate account, including for offshore and non-resident companies. It is recommended to open a multi-currency account.

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