List of the most reliable offshore in 2021

List of the most reliable offshore in 2021

Before starting a business, it is important to choose a reliable offshore in 2021. When choosing, it is recommended to pay attention to the presence of the country in the EU blacklists, peculiarities of legislation and taxation system. It is important to ensure confidentiality. If you need to open a company, please contact our experts at IT-OFFSHORE.

Hong Kong

Company registration in an offshore Hong Kong is relevant if you need to conduct international business. It is possible to buy a ready-made company in Hong Kong or register it from scratch. Jurisdiction is suitable for trade with different countries and investment activities.

The territory is distinguished by a clear tax system, and the profit tax rate is rather low: 8.25% for the first $250,000, and 16.5% after the previous rate. If the activity of the company is not associated with Hong Kong, you can get offshore status.

Open firms with limited liability, partnerships and private enterprises are most common in the territory. Obtaining offshore status is not automatic and it requires an application for exemption from payment of fees. It is required to confirm that the activities were conducted solely outside the territory.


Opening a firm offshore Gibraltar is relevant in 2021. Tax rates are low enough, and the jurisdiction has a positive reputation. It is profitable to open a trading company and a firm specializing in online gambling. It is also possible to open a firm for e-commerce and consulting.

The most relevant is opening a partnership with limited liability, a joint-stock company or non-profit organization. The corporate fee rate is 10 percent. There are audit requirements if the income subject to the fees exceeds 1,000,000 pounds.

If the firm is not controlled from the territory, there is no requirement to pay corporation tax. This jurisdiction is used to optimize the tax burden. There is no VAT and there are low rates on customs duties.


It's possible to open a company in the Seychelles offshore quickly, and a high level of confidentiality is provided for business owners. IBC organizational-legal form is the most popular on this territory. Another popular legal form is CSL. It is suitable for those who carry out activities related to tax planning.

The taxation rate for a classic IBC is 0% for international income. When registering CSL the rate can be up to one and a half percent on worldwide profits. This jurisdiction will suit businesspeople who need to ensure secrecy and engage in international activities.


The most common registration of a firm offshore SVG in 2021 happens in the form of an IBC. The country partially meets the standards of the OECD. There are no conditions regarding the audit and delivery of reporting documentation.

It is possible to open an LLC Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, in this case usually audit reporting is not required. Names of owners remain hidden. If it is necessary to structure taxes you can pay a rate of 1%.


Offshore Singapore in 2021 is attractive to entrepreneurs from different countries. Registration of a private company with limited liability is relevant. The advantage of setting up such a company is that there is an opportunity to optimize taxation.

Jurisdiction is considered offshore due to the low rates of corporate taxes in force. The country has a good reputation and is popular among businesspeople, as the business is profitable, the state is considered a financial center, and the banking system is developed.

Income earned abroad is not subject to local tax. Offshore companies are exempt from capital gains tax and dividends, provided that the non-resident status is maintained. It is most advantageous to open a financial corporation or engage in investments and e-commerce.


Buying a firm offshore in Switzerland in 2021 is profitable, as the country has banking secrecy and you can maintain anonymity. The country is respectable and prestigious. SA and AG are the most relevant. In addition, it is possible to open a firm GMbH.

The corporate tax rate is 8.5%. However, depending on the canton, the percentage can be around 14 - 25%. In some cases, it is possible to optimize the tax burden up to 10%.

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