Ready-made offshore company and bank account, simple and fast

Ready-made offshore company and bank account, simple and fast

When opening an offshore company, a time resource is currently valued. Therefore, proposals to open such an organization with a bank account become relevant. Quite often a question arises as to how real the purchase of such a company is. It is believed that this is impossible, as no financial institution can open an account for a nonexistent firm.

Is it realistic to buy an offshore company with an account

Offers to acquire an entity with an account are considered incorrect. However, such an opportunity exists, and it is possible to take a firm in Panama, Nevis, etc. When acquiring a ready-made company you can quickly develop your business and do not need to create it from scratch.

The price of buying a company from scratch is higher than that of an offshore company. In addition, you should familiarize yourself with all the nuances in the legislation to protect your business from possible problems when buying an offshore. It is recommended to buy it only from a competent provider, which provides the company without bad reputation or negative history of borrowing.

When buying an offshore company, you need to pay a fee to the state for the entire duration of the organization. Ready-made offshore companies are registered to be resold, usually they have no content. Financial organizations do not open accounts for such organizations, as the future direction of the company is unknown.

This is due to the fact that banks comply with global standards of transparency, and should know their clients. To buy a ready-made offshore company with a bank account, you must first buy a company, and then prepare documentation to the bank for inspection. If you have any questions about opening an account, please contact our experts at IT-OFFSHORE.

What to choose - ready or new offshore

The question is whether it is safer to buy a ready-made offshore or create it from scratch. In this case, everything depends on the option of buying the company and the registrar. It is recommended to cooperate only with professional registrars. Nowadays offshore companies are often bought in such jurisdictions as Panama, Nevis, Seychelles.

What are the advantages of ready-made offshore:

Acquisition of an organization with a late registration date, which adds age to the business;

  • Quick receipt of documents in a few days;
  • Information about the organization, name, address are available on the day of purchase.
  • There are also some disadvantages of buying a ready-made offshore. Upon acquisition, the person becomes the owner of the organization with the classic package of documentation. It will take some time to make adjustments. In addition, it is required to check the statements in order not to buy an organization with a bad history.

To make a purchase or start registering a company, you will need to make a statement indicating the details of the organization, name, type of business. Details of directors and shareholders are required. In addition, it is necessary to provide copies of the passport certified by a notary public and proof of residence address, letters of recommendation.

For legal entities the list of required documents is longer. You need a copy of the share certificate, certified copies of the minutes and articles of association, samples of the owners' signatures, information about the founders and directors.

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