Registration of
offshore companies
Company in Germany in 24 hours in 2021

Buy a ready-made company in Germany in 24 hours in 2021


Buying a ready-made company in Germany in 24 hours is advantageous, because you can start doing business immediately. It is important that an organization can be established in a day, but the full registration process may take a little longer. In order to clarify all the nuances of starting a business in the EU, please contact our experts at IT-OFFSHORE.

Peculiarities and stages of company re-registration

It is impossible to open a business remotely. Presence of company director at the notary is required. The founders of the company do not have to be present and may give this power to the director. The presence of the director is required to open an account with most banks.

The advantage of buying a ready-made company in Germany in 24 hours in 2021 is that the company already has tax numbers. Once it is re-registered, you can start contracting with partners, making payments, etc. Registering such a business is relevant if there is no time to create a company from scratch.

What forms of companies can be purchased in Germany in 2021:

  • General partnership;
  • Limited Partnership;
  • Joint-stock company;
  • Limited Liability Company.

The process of buying a ready-made company is much simpler, the costs are virtually no different from those that would have to be incurred when starting a new company. Acquisition of a functioning legal entity involves making changes to the registration documents.

The advantages of opening a company in Germany

Currently, this country is one of the most attractive for conducting business activities. Some businesses can get benefits - those involved in innovative technologies, projects related to the environment, etc.

Business is actively supported by the banking sector - there is an opportunity to get a long-term loan at an attractive rate. It is relatively easy to find a buyer for your products. The country has a well-developed infrastructure, a convenient geographical location. The purchasing power of the citizens of the state is high.

It is possible to expand entrepreneurship and open branches in other countries of the European Union. A plus for the entrepreneur - the possibility of obtaining a residence permit in the future. After the business will last three years, you can get a permanent residence permit and move your family members to the country.

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