A company with a nominee director in Germany

A company with a nominee director in Germany

Many entrepreneurs use nominal services when registering a business. A full service involves the services of a director and shareholder, as well as a secretary. To register a company with a nominee director in Germany, contact our specialists at IT-OFFSHORE.

The concept of a nominee director and his/her functions

A nominee director is a person who manages the affairs of the company. This person has the function of a representative. In order to establish a business relationship with the nominee director, a power of attorney is drawn up. The function can be performed by either an individual or a legal entity.

A nominee shareholder is a person who is not in fact the owner of the shares but holds them for the benefit of the present owner. A nominee secretary is a person who fills out and signs a number of forms when opening a company and servicing it and submits information about the company to the registry.

Is it worth using the service

Opening a company with a nominee director in Germany is relevant. Several advantages of using the service can be highlighted. The beneficiary can maintain anonymity, especially if the registry in the jurisdiction is open and accessible to all.

In addition, such a service can be used if the entrepreneur plans to develop a business abroad. The use of the service helps to comply with a number of mandatory requirements when opening a company - in some states, it is mandatory to hire a manager who has resident status.

Nominee services can help reduce the tax burden. In order for a firm to have resident status, a local director must be hired. This will allow the use of agreements to avoid double taxation, reduce the rates of the levy. Opening a firm in Germany in 2021 using the service will improve the image of the company.

What is necessary to register a company in Germany

Opening a business in Germany has many advantages. This country is respectable, and it is possible to increase the level of confidence in the company from the partners. The owner of a German company can use a German trademark.

Other advantages are the following:

  • There is an opportunity to optimize taxation;
  • It is possible to issue a residence permit to the founder;
  • It is possible to open a branch office in the European Union;
  • Subsidies and exemptions can be obtained;
  • Access to local banks.

Most often foreign entrepreneurs open GmbH or limited liability companies. To open such an organization does not require significant costs, but you need to pay about 25 thousand euros to open a firm. Virtually no restrictions on the choice of the name of the legal entity exist, and there are no requirements regarding the minimum number of founders. They can be residents and non-residents, and it is possible to use the service to ensure confidentiality. It is allowed to open a company with a single manager, who can be a citizen of any country.

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