Business registration in Germany to get a residence permit

Business registration in Germany to get a residence permit

Germany has a strong position among the top ten countries with the most stable economy and high standard of living. Business in Germany is under the reliable protection of the state, and this explains the desire of Russians to open a business there, which in the future will provide an opportunity to move. Implementing a plan for successful business immigration and obtaining a German residence permit for ordinary businessmen is not easy and quite expensive. IT-OFFSHORE specialists will help to deal with all the "pitfalls" and legally minimizing costs.

Obligatory conditions for foreign businessmen planning to register their business in Germany

The main requirement is that newly established companies must make a significant positive contribution to the country's economy as a whole by improving the economy of one or more of its regions. According to the German government, the easiest way to do this is by creating new jobs or investing 150-200 thousand euros in your own company. In addition, a prerequisite for registering a company in Germany is a real lack of goods and services in the industry in which the foreign businessman plans to develop. Over-saturation of the market by companies of the same type is not welcomed.

An entrepreneur committed to long-term cooperation and obtaining a residence permit in Germany 2020 must have a clear business plan that allows the regulatory authorities to understand that he will have enough experience and competence to take a worthy place in the country's economy. A well-drafted business plan is carefully analyzed and is one of the determining factors for a positive outcome in the process of registering a company.

The easiest way for a Russian citizen to enter the German business environment in 2020 is to buy an existing business in Germany or find a possible partner in Germany and offer him a joint business partnership.

Advantages of business immigration to Germany

  • Obtaining a residence permit.
  • An opportunity to take advantage of preferential insurance for your family, to take out a business development loan at a reduced rate, to receive state subsidies and tax benefits.
  • Opportunity to develop business across the European Union.
  • Products and services produced in Germany under the German trademark will be much more popular among buyers of any country in the world than similar products and services from Russia.

Every successful businessman who has registered a company on the territory of Germany and has received the approval of the relevant authorities may apply for a temporary residence permit for 3 months at first and then for 1-2 years, which can also be extended automatically if the business is performing well. After 3 years, the entrepreneur receives a permanent residence permit, and after 8 years, under certain conditions, he or she becomes a German citizen.

To obtain a business visa, the head of the company must provide documents confirming its stable financial situation and identity, international health insurance, business plan, which has a positive assessment of a well-known independent consulting company, and a certain list of completed applications. The list is a bit overwhelming, but the benefits that come with business immigration to Germany can exceed even the most daring expectations.

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