How to get tax residency in the UAE

How to get tax residency in the UAE

The registration of tax residency in the UAE in 2021 is a procedure performed to optimize taxation. It is possible to obtain a certificate in the Emirates in a short period of time. In order to clarify the nuances of registration, contact our specialists at IT-OFFSHORE.

Advantages of obtaining

Issuance of tax residency in UAE in 2021 allows you to avoid double taxation. There is the possibility of processing benefits.

  • Opportunity to legally optimize taxation;
  • The rate of VAT is 5%;
  • Availability of closed registers in the country, preservation of confidentiality;
  • The procedure for obtaining tax residency in the UAE is simple;
  • It is possible to use agreements to avoid double taxation.

Residency status can be obtained by an individual or a legal entity. The firm must be established in the state, managed from the Emirates. A tax certificate can be obtained to confirm tax status in other countries.

How to obtain residency

Individuals are required to provide a copy of their passport, residency visa, bank statements for the past few months, and immigration information in order to obtain a certificate.

A legal entity provides a business license, office lease information, account statements from a financial institution, and documents of the manager and shareholder.

To get the status, you should register a company within the Emirates. It is possible to get a visa if you buy real estate in the country or under an employment contract. The procedure on average lasts 2 weeks, taking into account the processing of documentation issuance of the certificate. Registration of tax residency is not possible for offshore and international companies.

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