Advantages of a company in the UAE for IT business

Advantages of a company in the UAE for IT business

Currently, the registration of a company in the UAE for IT business is in demand, as the jurisdiction has created good conditions for entrepreneurship. The country has developed infrastructure, the economy is growing rapidly, and the state is financially and politically stable. The tax rates are relatively low.

The pros of IT-business in the UAE

Registering a company in the UAE in 2021 does not take much time. There are few requirements - some economic zones do not require a real office, only a virtual one. Programmers and other IT professionals can work from anywhere remotely, avoiding office rental costs.

The state is respectable. If you open a firm in the UAE for IT in a well-known economic zone, you can increase the confidence of partners. The country is considered advanced in the field of information technology; here you can profitably and legally optimize tax payments.

When registering an IT business in Dubai and earning income there, you can get an exemption from paying all fees according to the local law. When selling products only in the state, there is no need to pay VAT and income tax.

How to start a company

Before registering a business, you need to determine what products or services you want to produce. It is necessary to establish whether work will be conducted from the office or it is planned to travel to customers. When choosing a freezone, it is recommended to consider the possibility of optimizing costs and the ease of obtaining a visa in the future. To learn more about the nuances of opening a company, contact our experts at IT-OFFSHORE.

Residents can create an LLC. This form allows for open activities in the domestic market. Non-residents can set up a business as a limited liability partnership.

A legal entity or an individual can open a business. It is possible to register a company in the name of a local person or non-resident. When establishing a company, it is obligatory to provide information confirming the legality of the origin of the capital. Licensing is required to conduct business. The name of the company must be unique.

What kind of license is required

A professional services license is required to legally conduct business. This type of permit assumes full ownership of the company, requiring at least one local partner. Having a document allows you to conduct work related to consulting, legal services, auditing, as well as medical and educational services.

Having such a license makes it possible to do business in the field of information technology. The business of firms that provide services in different spheres is based on the skills of their employees. The scope of work and educational profile are both taken into account when granting the license.

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