FreeZone company and visa in the UAE: a prestigious solution in 2021

FreeZone company and visa in the UAE: a prestigious solution in 2021

The United Arab Emirates is a major business and financial center, where positive conditions have been created for the development of business, including for citizens from other countries. In this regard, registration of a visa to the UAE in 2021 is relevant. In order to clarify all the details of registration of the company in the UAE, obtaining a license and a visa to the UAE, contact our specialists at IT-OFFSHORE.

Advantages of registering a company in Free Zone

There are several advantages of opening a FreeZone company in the UAE in 2021. There is the possibility of opening a firm in DMCC. It is offered to open local and foreign companies in this zone, to open bank accounts, and to apply for resident visas. This zone is the most popular in Dubai.


  • It is possible to open almost any business;
  • It is an opportunity to work within the UAE;
  • It is allowed to open an office in the territory and register a bank account;
  • Obtaining a work visa;
  • The company can be owned by foreigners.

There is an alternative option - you can open a company in FreeZone UAE in JAFZ. It is located in the Emirate of Dubai. The area is suitable for multinational businesses.


  • Developed infrastructure;
  • Close proximity to the airport and seaports;
  • There are banks and insurance companies in the area;
  • It is possible to engage in exports, imports, services, etc.

Another advantage of doing business in the Free Zone is that it is possible to legally optimize the tax burden, to rent an office on favorable terms, and to conduct virtually any activity that is not prohibited by law.

Types of companies in the UAE Free Zone, steps, documents

The most common types of companies in DMCC are LLC - limited liability companies and representative offices of local or foreign companies. In this zone you can get a general license to trade and permission only for specific groups of goods, their production, the provision of services.

To open a company you will need to provide a passport and proof of address of all persons who are involved in the structure of the company. In some cases, other documents may be requested if necessary. In JAFZ the most relevant is the establishment of international enterprises, branches of a foreign company.

Visa in the UAE: how you can get

Depending on the reason for entry into the territory, the nuances of registration of the document may vary. Foreigners come to the UAE to conduct business, work, buy real estate, vacation, etc.

Transit visa is issued for 96 hours of stay and is to be used within a month as it becomes invalid afterward. For its registration standard documents and copies of the flight tickets, a hotel booking confirmation will be required. Guest visas can be issued to the citizens of the country for their relatives and friends. They shall submit the account availability.

A tourist visa allows staying on the territory of 30 days. If necessary, it can be extended two times for the same period. A resident visa allows foreigners to stay in the UAE for 3 years. Its registration is relevant to both the owners of the company and employees. The owners of the company in the FEZ also have the right to apply for such a document if they are not the owners of an offshore company.

It is possible to obtain a multiple entry permit for those who need to come to the territory often, but not for a long time. The period of validity is six months, it can not be prolonged. Foreigners can also get an educational visa, for medical treatment, as well as participation in exhibitions and conferences.

Work visas can be obtained by employees from other countries. You can get a visa for investing in real estate. The period can be from 6 months to 10 years. There is also an option to get a tax resident visa. One of the main advantages of the tax resident visa is that the process of obtaining it takes 3-4 weeks.

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