Register a company on the island of Mauritius

Register a company on the island of Mauritius

Tourism is actively developing on the island of Mauritius. The country is located in the western waters of the Indian Ocean. Port Louis is the capital. Buying a company on the island of Mauritius is quite profitable. The official language is English and there is an opportunity to create an offshore.

You can create an offshore on the island of Mauritius in a fairly short period of time. There is an opportunity to get access to the services of the largest banking structures and to tax optimization.

The advantages of opening a company

Before incorporating a company in Mauritius, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the rules and requirements of the jurisdiction. The documents can be kept in English, French, Creole languages. The business agreements within the jurisdiction are made in Mauritian rupees.

The advantage of doing business is that a current account can be opened in different currencies and there is no currency control. The banking sector is arapidly developing in the country. Many businesspeople choose this jurisdiction for doing business, given the high level of confidentiality and minor requirements for reporting.

It is possible to open a company in a short period of time. To learn the nuances of opening a company, please contact our specialists at IT-OFFSHORE. Personal presence is not always required to register a company.

The nuances of starting a company

You can establish a firm in the country to do any type of business that is allowed on the island. For banking, insurance and some other types of services, you need to obtain an additional license.

You also need to have an office where the company will be registered. You would have to find an agent, as well as at least two directors who are citizens of the country. If the directors are not Mauritius citizens, they must have residential status.

When a company is established, one person - natural or legal - may become a shareholder and a member at the same time. It is possible to appoint nominee directors. The country has signed double taxation avoidance agreements with various other countries.

The most frequent companies opened in the jurisdiction are AC and GBL type. The first type of company may not engage in the provision of banking services. Both AC and GBL companies are not allowed to provide financial and nominal services.

Requirements and reporting

No VAT is levied. The basic rate of return for companies is 0%, and there is no capital gains tax. There is neither a currency control, nor stamp duty.

There are also several requirements for the submission of accounting documents. There is no open access to reporting. There are no requirements for passing a mandatory audit, filing, and acquiring open access to Annual Return. 

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