List of banks in Mauritius. Banking system.

List of banks in Mauritius. Banking system.

The banking system of Mauritius has served the economy since 1839. Mauritius is known as the oldest banking sector in Africa and one of the oldest banks of the Commonwealth.

The Republic of Mauritius is an island nation located in the Indian Ocean about 900 km east of Madagascar. It consists of the island of Mauritius and a few smaller islands, with a total population of about 1.3 million people. The state language of the Republic is English, but the most common among the population is French and partly Creole. Monetary unit of the Republic of Mauritius is the Mauritian Rupee (MUR), whose rate is approximately 40 rupees per 1 euro.

Mauritius has a developed banking system. All banking institutions are licensed by the Bank of Mauritius to carry out banking business at the local and international levels.

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The Bank of Mauritus was established in 1966 on the basis of the British Central Bank. The Bank of Mauritus also manages non-bank depository institutions and establishes guidelines on all matters related to the commercial activities of banks.

Mauritius is a small but open, diversified and fully integrated economy in the global financial market. The Government of Mauritius is actively developing various sectors of the economy, including the financial services industry. Today financial services are in second place among the most developed sectors of the Mauritian economy after the textile industry.

The banking sistem of Mauritus provides a wide range of services. In addition to traditional banking services, there is Internet and mobile banking services.

Since the establishment of the Bank of Mauritius, the economy of the Republic has undergone significant changes. Currency control in July 1994 was completely abolished. The rate of rupee was determined by market forces. Direct credit management, which has achieved its goal, is no longer an instrument of monetary control.

Here is the list of the main banks of Mauritius with whom we cooperate

Bank account opening in ABC Banking Corporation

ABC Banking Corporation provides banking services in Mauritius and internationally. If you are looking for where to store money, you can pay attention to bank account opening in ABC Banking Corporation, as there is a wide range of deposits: from urgent to "floating".

Bank account opening in AfrAsia Bank

If you have a large corporation, you should pay attention to bank account opening in AfrAsia Bank. Why? The fact is that the banking institution offers such products as real estate financing and corporate financing. And also investment banking solutions, which include issuance of bonds, as well as mergers and acquisitions for corporate clients.

Open an account in Barclays Bank

For international companies it is recommended to open an account in Barclays Bank, as this banking institution together with its subsidiaries provides financial services in the UK, Europe, America, Africa, the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific region.

Open an account in PT bank Internasional Indonesia

To open an account in PT Bank Internasional Indonesia is convenient because it has more than 250 branches and 710 ATMs. Tbk. It is a private national bank of Indonesia, which was founded in 1959

The banking institution started operations in Mauritius in June 1999. It offers services on deposits, investments and money transfers, as well as corporate financing and trade finance.

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