Top 5 countries giving dual citizenship to Russians

Top 5 countries giving dual citizenship to Russians

There are countries that give dual citizenship to Russians. A second passport allows you to enter another country at any time. There is also an opportunity to start a business and get benefits in the second jurisdiction. To learn more about the features of a second passport, please contact our specialists at IT-OFFSHORE.


It is profitable for a Russian citizen to get second citizenship in Portugal. The interest of many wealthy citizens in this country is due to the fact that the jurisdiction has launched a program for issuing gold visas.

It is possible to obtain citizenship by investing in real estate assets. It is proposed to buy property in the form of new houses. You can also invest in old housing stock, in which case the amount of contribution is reduced. When applying for citizenship, you must have lived in Portugal for a month.


A program similar to the Portuguese one was launched in this country. There is a possibility of residence registration for depositing funds in real estate. Obtaining a golden visa entitles you to apply for resident status.

To apply for a passport, you will need to have lived in a jurisdiction for a long time. You may need to study Greek, which will allow you to apply for a second passport.


For wealthy people the jurisdiction offers a gold visa, a residence permit as an investor and naturalization. It is important that the beneficiaries are able to meet the requirements to establish an actual connection with the host country.

It is necessary to live within the territory most of the year during the naturalization. After obtaining a visa, it is possible to move freely within the EU.

St. Kitts

You can apply for a passport, which will allow you to travel without visas to the European Union countries, through investment in St. Kitts. This will require a non-refundable contribution to the Fund for Sustainable Growth.

It is possible to obtain St. Kitts citizenship for the whole family at a discount by the end of 2020. During the citizenship process you will be required to visit the Caribbean islands.


This passport opens visa-free access to a number of countries and is considered one of the most inexpensive nations. The advantage of obtaining citizenship for investment in Vanuatu is that it can be obtained very quickly. It is necessary to contribute free of charge to the National Fund. There is no possibility to invest in real estate.

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