How to obtain dual citizenship in 2020

How to obtain dual citizenship in 2020

Many politicians, journalists, state officials, and even show business stars have dual citizenship. Everyone has their reasons, but it is useless to argue over the fact that an additional passport at least opens up new opportunities for its holder. It is also possible for an ordinary person to get a second citizenship for investment in 2020. It is enough to be law-abiding and financially secure.

Advantages of additional citizenship

  • Travel without restrictions in more than 150 countries (with a passport of a European Union country);
  • The right to choose the most suitable country for residence;
  • Opportunity to do business abroad and use tax benefits;
  • Access to medicine and education that meets European standards.

Contrary to popular belief, a second passport can be obtained not only by a person whose roots are strongly connected with the chosen state. There are many more ways to do this. You can go the easiest way: move to a dream country, start a business or get a job there, and prove your integrity to the tax service and local authorities. The truth is, it will take years to do so. You can also get second citizenship by right of land inheritance, for invaluable services to the state or thanks to the petition of blood relatives permanently residing in the territory of the chosen country. For an ordinary person, these options are more likely a fairy tale scenario.

The most realistic scenario is to obtain second citizenship for investment in 2020. The conditions for obtaining economic citizenship vary considerably from country to country. Investments can be refundable - in real estate or securities - and non-refundable - contributions to public funds; the amount of investment also varies. Choose the jurisdiction most suitable for obtaining second citizenship carefully, taking into account all its advantages and disadvantages. IT-OFFSHORE experts will be able to carry out a detailed analysis based on each client's needs in a short period of time and will offer several countries to choose from, which are the most suitable for passport issuance.

TOP 5 countries to obtain another passport

Cyprus. The local state program "Citizenship for Investment" is particularly popular among Russians. Over the last 6 years, 70% of those who participated in it are our compatriots. The minimum cost of citizenship will be 2,000,000 euros there. With this money you can buy several real estate objects, and some of them must necessarily be invested in shares and bonds.

Austria. Buying second citizenship in this country in 2020 is as expensive as possible, but the benefits from its acquisition are much greater. About 11,000,000 euros will be needed, 80% of which can be returned over time; the rest is considered by the government a voluntary charitable contribution.

Cambodia would be of interest to investors who want to acquire citizenship in an Asian country. The price is 1,750,000 USD.

Vanuatu's requirements are much more modest. One person will have to pay 230,000 dollars, but passports of this jurisdiction are not popular due to its bad reputation in a global arena.

Turkey. To obtain citizenship, several conditions must be met: buy a property, open a new or invest in an existing business, create at least 50 jobs for locals and open a personal bank deposit account. The minimum cost is 1,250,000 USD.

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