How to get citizenship in Dominica in 2020?

How to get citizenship in Dominica in 2020?

Dominica is an island country from a group of islands in the Caribbean Sea. It is home to over 70,000 inhabitants. The capital is the city of Roseau. The main sectors of the economy are agriculture and tourism. Jurisdiction gives foreign organizations the status of tax-free companies.

Since the early ‘90s the island state has been running an economic citizenship program, thanks to which everyone can obtain a passport by investing in the economy of the country. No residence is required in the jurisdiction. Passports can be obtained by making a non-refundable payment or by purchasing a property.

ADVANTAGES of participation in the program

The Citizenship Programme for Investing in Dominica was established in 1993. The main objective of the programme was to stimulate economic growth. At present, it is one of the most accessible and demanded for economic citizenship.

The main advantages:

  • Using a national passport, you can travel to other countries without a visa;
  • The application is confidential;
  • It is possible to apply for passport and citizenship in a short time;
  • The cost of processing is relatively low;
  • Ability to register companies for a second passport;
  • There are no fees for income, as well as inherited property in the jurisdiction.

It is possible to include children and parents in the application. It is not necessary to pass additional interviews. For more information on the nuances of the citizenship application, please contact our specialists at IT-OFFSHORE.

Terms and conditions of passport application

There are some requirements the investor must meet. He must be of legal age and have no criminal record. In addition, a security check is a prerequisite. It is necessary to confirm the origins of finances, the sufficient health condition.

According to the conditions of the program, a passport can be issued additionally for a husband or wife, as well as children under 30 and parents over 55. One of the requirements is dependence on the main investor.

Ways of investing

One of the investment options is to invest in the Economic Diversification Fund. It is impossible to get funds back in the future. The Fund was created to develop the country's economy. The amount of contribution may vary depending on the number of applicants.

An alternative option is to buy real estate. The objects that are relevant in the program are approved by the government. It is only possible to sell the property after a few years.

Before acquiring citizenship, it is mandatory to pass a special security check, which allows you to know exactly whether it is possible to obtain citizenship and what risks of refusal are.

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