How to get citizenship in 2020?

How to get citizenship in 2020?

Currently, many businessmen are eager to start a company and do business abroad. If you need to obtain affordable citizenship by 2020, you can apply to IT - OFFSHORE. Our specialists will give answers to all your questions.

Nuances of obtaining citizenship

The popular question is how to get a passport in another country with minimal investment. It is necessary to determine in advance what advantages of the second citizenship are necessary for the client. There are various available migration programs for investments. This method is considered expensive.

You can get citizenship for investments in Grenada, Saint Kitts, Dominica, Saint Lucia, Antigua and Barbuda, Vanuatu and Cyprus, Malta, Turkey, Moldova, Jordan, etc. To get a passport, you need to invest in funds, companies or construction.

The cheapest option for obtaining a second passport is to obtain citizenship by origin In this case, there is no need for an in-depth analysis of geological documents. If a parent or other relative was born abroad, it is possible to obtain citizenship.

In most cases, if the parent has citizenship of another country, it is possible to obtain a passport of the same country. At the same time, exceptions should be taken into account. In some Eastern countries it is not possible to obtain citizenship in this way. The time of obtaining citizenship can be long. In such countries as Great Britain, the procedure passes quickly, the longest period of registration - in the Baltic States, Poland, Germany.

Another option is to obtain citizenship through naturalization. It assumes moving abroad with a preliminary receipt of residence permit and residence for most of the year on the territory of the country for several years. This method is popular and relatively cheap.

Obtaining citizenship for investment

Some States provide passports in exchange for donations. This way of obtaining a passport is relevant for entrepreneurs and people with large capital. It is used when it is necessary to obtain citizenship quickly.

Registration of the passport can bring profit in the future when investing money in assets or real estate, business. Each country where this program operates has its own unique laws. In some jurisdictions there are several ways of investing.

Some Caribbean countries issue passports on such terms. Investments are usually a minimum of $100,000. There are also free grants programs.

Getting a second passport gives you new opportunities. You need to choose one of the available options. In each individual case, it is necessary to determine the requirements for obtaining the second citizenship.

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