Where you can easily get a residence permit in 2019

Where you can easily get a residence permit in 2019

At present, the question is particularly relevant in which countries you can quickly obtain a residence permit, apply for citizenship. Not all states have the ability to quickly issue a passport or visa, often this procedure takes a long time.

For example, to move to Canada, you will most likely need to invest in host jurisdiction. The time of issuing a residence permit can take from several months to several years. However, not all jurisdictions have serious requirements.

Where to get a residence permit and citizenship

There are several jurisdictions where it is possible to obtain a residence permit in the shortest time possible, and subsequently apply for citizenship. For advice on the design of documentation, contact our specialists in IT-OFFSHORE. We will answer your questions and help with the design of a package of papers.

List of jurisdictions where you can quickly obtain a residence permit or citizenship:

• Bahamas - to obtain a temporary residence permit, it is enough to fill out forms and write a check in a thousand dollars. To obtain a permanent residence permit will require a larger amount.
• Cayman Islands - to obtain a residence, you will need to have an income of more than 145 thousand dollars a year, as well as invest in real estate more than 600 thousand dollars. Depending on the island, the size of the attachments may vary.
• Cyprus - for citizenship in less than a year, you can go to jurisdiction. The country has a program of registration of citizenship for investment. For registration you will need to invest 2 million euros, as well as have real estate in the country worth more than 500,000 euros.
• Armenia is rapidly developing trade in Eastern Europe, which makes jurisdiction attractive for applying for a new residence. In the future, a program for obtaining investment citizenship will probably appear in the country, which will allow obtaining an Armenian passport almost immediately. It is now possible to obtain citizenship by descent. By investing in a business or real estate, you can get a residency for some period of time.
• Ecuador - for registration of a residence permit for investment will need to invest approximately 27 thousand dollars. You can invest in some types of enterprises.
• Vanuatu - to receive a renewable residence permit for 1 year can be subject to investment in real estate. Registration of citizenship can cost several hundred thousand dollars.
• Cambodia - jurisdiction offers the simplest program for obtaining residency. You need to get a business visa. After entering the country, you can issue a residence permit for a year by paying a fee. Despite the ease of obtaining a residence permit, it is almost impossible to obtain citizenship in Cambodia.
• Malaysia - if you meet the requirements for health and income, opening an account in a Malaysian bank, you can get a residence permit for 10 years.

When choosing a country for citizenship, it is important to take into account the quality of life in a jurisdiction, the amount of the minimum investment required, and tax charges. You can get answers to questions regarding residence registration from our specialists.

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