Payment system PaySera - alternative to banking services

Payment system PaySera - alternative to banking services

Is it possible to open a business account for international transactions remotely and in just one day? For the bank the positive answer to this question is on the verge of fiction, and for the payment electronic system - reality.

What is PaySera payment system and how does it work?

Electronic payment system PaySera has been operating on the financial market since 2012. It was created by Lithuanian company Paysera LT, and since then it has received a lot of positive feedback from users. Its license area covers the entire European Union, and the system’s functionality significantly exceeds that of a traditional bank business account.

Benefits of PaySera:

  • Ability to open an account remotely in one of seven currencies of your choice, but preferably the euro;
  • Favorable exchange rates and profitable offers for keeping your own money that won't be written off against company debt;
  • Fast international virtual money transfers with a simplified scheme;
  • Ability to create an account in IBAN (international number) format;
  • Profitable rates for service (free account opening, loyal partnership programs);
  • Convenient online banking and an opportunity to additionally install a mobile application on your smartphone and issue a corporate card;
  • Opportunity to open an account even for risky types of business, which are usually rejected during standard bank verification;
  • Wide coverage area - 70 largest countries in the world.

The only disadvantage of this payment system, like any other, is the high probability of blocking the current account for an indefinite period of time without explanation. Blocking usually occurs due to the fact that the electronic payment system performs simplified identification of customers, so you have to respond to every complaint or compromising information coming from outside about the customer.

Account opening in payment system PaySera 2020

You can open a business account in the electronic payment system remotely, in just two steps:

  • First, you need to provide the necessary and a correctly executed package of documents in electronic form;
  • Then successfully complete the video interview with the company employees;

To minimize the risks of failure, it is recommended to obtain assistance from IT-OFFSHORE consultants in advance, who will help to quickly pass the identification and provide detailed advice on all features of the service.

An account in an electronic payment system certainly has a lot of advantages, but farsighted businessmen prefer to have several international bank business accounts in different financial organizations. In PaySera, the main and most convenient in use, as well as the spare accounts are all located in banks. With this model of doing business, the company will not have difficulties in settlements with contractors. For example, when blocking one of the accounts, or facing difficulties in the financial organization itself, there is an opportunity to take advantage of an alternative account; and when executing a large transaction, you can analyze the tariffs for servicing all accounts and choose the most beneficial.

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