PaySera payment system: why you should use this platform

PaySera payment system: why you should use this platform

Opening an account in the payment system allows you to make transactions with funds promptly, as well as set limits and give authority to other persons to manage the account. This system has many advantages and operates practically all over the world.

The main advantages of using the system

The main advantage of using the system is that transfers can be made free of charge. The method of redirecting funds is considered one of the simplest, since a minimum of recipient data is required, money is credited immediately.

Other benefits of using the system:

- The ability to open accounts in different currencies, make transfers between countries, pay for purchases online, use favorable exchange rates and convert;

- Making transfers around the world - transferring funds to different banks in 180 countries of the world at a low cost, money is transferred most often within half an hour;

- Payment for purchases online - the system works with many online stores, there is a secure payment. You can quickly pay for purchases and return one percent of the payment amount;

- Ability to import a translation template in a short time and to carry out mass translation;

- Making payments instantly in the amount of up to 15 thousand euros. The implementation of transfers at any time in any quantity;

- Making a debit card for payment in stores and withdrawals from a bank.

The payment system positions itself as secure, using modern software that meets existing standards. For answers to questions about how to use the system, contact our specialists at IT-OFFSHORE.

Features of using the system

The payment system is available wherever there is Internet. The account is free and can be opened online. To control the balance and perform various actions with the account, you need to connect an account. To use other account features, identification is required.

After passing it, the client can independently set a limit on transfers. There is an opportunity to establish transfers and pay for purchases in unlimited amounts.

This system works in 48 countries in Europe, 52 countries in Asia and Oceania, 41 countries in Africa, 33 countries in America. In some states, a particularly strict identification is in force, relations are closely monitored. There are a number of countries, transfers to which cannot be made - they include Iran, Iraq, Cuba, Libya and some others.

The currency exchange rate when using the system does not differ from the bank rates, but the client can choose the most advantageous offer. If funds are exchanged over 5,000 euros, a more favorable rate is offered automatically.

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