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Buy a ready-made company with an open bank account off-shore

Buy a ready-made company with an open bank account, a fast solution for the transit of funds?


It is profitable to buy a ready-made company with an open bank account if you plan to expand your business. To avoid wasting time on registration of a new legal entity, you can register a company abroad in just a few days. Firms are sold with a package of relevant documentation necessary for full functioning.

You can buy ready-made companies with open bank account in IT-OFFSHORE. Firms are already registered, the future owner has to formalize the ownership. You can learn more about the nuances of buying a company from our experts.

TOP countries where it is profitable to buy a ready-made company

You can buy a company with an open bank account in Hong Kong. Such a company has already been registered, but does not operate, is re-registered upon request in the name of the new owner. Buying such a company allows you to start a business in a short time.

Alternatively, the purchase of a company in Poland. This country is attractive for doing business, there are opportunities to enter the European market. The most popular form is a limited liability company.

Why to start a company in Poland?

  • The opportunity to enter the European Union market;
  • There are no strict requirements regarding share capital;
  • Stability of economy, possibility to open an account in a large foreign bank;
  • Possibility to operate in almost all areas allowed by law.

It is popular to develop business and buy ready-made firms in Great Britain. The country has a developed economy, infrastructure, politically stable. The most common legal form of organization is partnership. Registration of such companies allows exemption from annual financial statements, corporate fees if the business is conducted outside the country.

The main advantage of starting a company in the UK is the respectability of the jurisdiction, small rates of fees, however, when doing business in the country you will need to file financial statements, register your legal address.

It is possible to open a company in Australia - the country has a developed economy and high GDP. The jurisdiction is loyal to non-residents and ensures a high level of confidentiality when doing business. The country's banking system is considered one of the most reliable in the world.

Many businessmen strive to develop entrepreneurship in the country, as there are many options for the legal form of companies, Australia has a transparent laws, low crime rate.

Company registration is relevant in Lithuania, as it gives access to the European Union market. Firms doing business in this country can avoid double taxation.

In addition, the purchase of a ready-made company in Lithuania - when doing business within the country there is a possibility of obtaining a residence permit. The state can provide privileges and additional opportunities for development.

Pros and cons of purchasing ready-made companies

Buying a ready-made business is relevant both for beginners and experienced entrepreneurs. It is possible to re-register a company, which was not active before, quite quickly, in just a few days. In most cases, the re-registration procedure can be carried out remotely.

When buying a ready-made organization, you do not need to open a bank account, because it is already there and the firm is fully ready to work. It already has a name, so the future owner does not need to make a unique name. If you want, you can change the name. Often, the firm already has nominal directors, you can continue to use the nominal service.

One of the disadvantages of buying a company is to make sure that the organization has not previously conducted business activities and does not have debts or bad reputation. To avoid such problems, it is advisable to contact only verified experts to buy the firm. Depending on the country where the business is planned to start, a large number of certificates and documents may be required.

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