Buy a ready-made company in Singapore

Buy a ready-made company in Singapore

Singapore is one of the world's major financial centers, and therefore this jurisdiction is often interested in businessmen who plan to work with the Asian market. Therefore, the service of registering an organization in a jurisdiction with opening an account in a financial institution is a sought-after service.

Features of doing business

The main advantages of doing business in this jurisdiction - it is focused on business development, provides a positive tax environment for working with attractive business lines. The high standard of living in the country attracts many businessmen from Asia, as well as the United States of America and the Middle East.

Singapore as a jurisdiction for the development of the company is suitable for almost all directions. According to the laws of the country, depending on the type of organization, additional support may be provided for start-ups, as well as some international organizations.

There are no restrictions on the conduct of business by residents or non-residents. However, there is a requirement - one of the directors of the company must be a resident of the jurisdiction, and he does not need to have the citizenship of this state. Most often in a jurisdiction a limited liability company is registered - Pte Ltd.

In Singapore, there are double taxation avoidance agreements with some countries, and agreements have been signed that apply to income derived from shipping.

The new company in the jurisdiction falls under the preferential tax treatment. Basic requirements for the organization:
• The presence of at least one shareholder;
• A shareholder may be a legal or natural person;
• Availability of a unique name.
• One of the directors must be resident in the country.

After registering an organization or buying a ready-made company, you need to open a corporate account in a jurisdiction or outside of it. To perform an action you need to prove the legality of the business. Opening an account is possible with a personal presence, as well as remotely - it depends on the requirements of the bank.

Buying a ready-made company

There are some advantages of acquiring a ready-made organization - so, there is no need to think up the name of the company, since the company has already been successfully registered.

Other advantages of registering a company:
• Ability to develop a ready-made business;
• There is no need to collect documents for registration;
• The company registers in a short period of time.

All constituent documents are ready, and at registration they need to be rewritten to a new shareholder. If you wish to purchase a ready-made company, please contact our specialists in IT-OFFSHORE, we will answer your questions and help you arrange the documents.

To purchase a ready-made company will need to submit some documents. These include copies of foreign passports, certified by a notary, information about the address of residence, information about the proposed activity.

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