Buying a ready-made company in the UK is an opportunity to become a business owner remotely and in a few hours

Buying a ready-made company in the UK is an opportunity to become a business owner remotely and in a few hours

Being the owner of a company in the UK is not only prestigious but also very promising. The United Kingdom offers access to the international market and a flexible tax system that offers protection against corruption. And if you don't have the time or experience to start a business from scratch, you can buy a company with an account in the UK. It's easier than you might think at first.

The types of companies available for purchase in the UK

  • LTD. Analogue of a limited liability company. It can work without restrictions all over the world, and due to the fact that it has virtually no tax benefits, it is not in demand among entrepreneurs planning to buy a business;
  • LP. Partnership with unlimited liability. Companies with this legal form of organisation are best-suited to buy in the UK. They have the right not to disclose beneficiary information and are the legal equivalent of classic offshore companies. LPs are exempt from tax in the UK if their owner is a resident of another country and does business outside the UK;
  • LLP. Limited Liability Partnership (LLP). If desired, it may also become an analogue of offshore, which can take a lot of time and effort.

The advantages of buying a ready-made company in the UK

  • The possibility of remote transaction execution. The process will take several hours;
  • Ready nominal management staff, which can be easily replaced if necessary;
  • "Full registration package", which includes a corporate account in a bank or payment system and VAT tax ID;
  • The acquired firm usually already has a unique and sound registered name, as well as a "zero", therefore, absolutely clean reputation.

When choosing a company suitable for the purchase, special attention should be paid to companies with already opened corporate accounts. Given that the UK banking system is considered one of the most reliable, and, at the same time, conservative, you can open a bank account of a legal entity, perhaps not from the first time.

What are the risks?

It is a commonly known fact that registering a company in the UK would be much cheaper than buying one. And such conclusion not quite right. Starting a firm from scratch will only cost less if the intended owner has extensive experience and connections in the UK. Beginners will have to use the services of an interpreter, an agent, and a lawyer. As a result, it will cost at least as much to register a company and open an account in the UK as to buy a ready-made business.

The risks, of course, exist. They are primarily related to fraudulent actions of firms that provide intermediary services in the purchase and sale. A potential buyer may face debts on the balance sheet of his or her new firm or errors in its constituent documents. It is possible to minimize risks; for this purpose, it is enough to obtain the support of IT-OFFSHORE experts. We will be able to check the basic data of the company put up for sale and monitor the whole process of the transaction.

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