Ready-made companies with open accounts in Asia, why is it convenient?

Ready-made companies with open accounts in Asia, why is it convenient?

Many businesspeople are looking to invest in ready-made companies with open accounts in Asia 2020. Singapore has good conditions for favorable business development, which is important for start-up entrepreneurs. This country is one of the leaders in terms of the convenience of the business environment. It is relatively easy to register companies, and taxation is transparent.

You can register a company in Hong Kong, known as the international financial centre. Owning a firm in the area is respectable. Jurisdiction is characterized by the development of the banking system, an opportunity to open an offshore, and the minimum restrictions on investment abroad. 

The advantages of buying a ready-made company in Hong Kong

You can buy a ready-made company in Asia in Hong Kong. Just contact our specialists in IT-OFFSHORE. The advantage of buying a ready-made company with an open account in Hong Kong is that the jurisdiction has a reliable legal system favorable for business. The English language is widespread in the area of China.

The main advantages of buying a ready-made company are:

  • A firm that has been in existence for a year or more inspires greater confidence in clients and partners than the one just registered;
  • A company that has been in existence for some time has a better chance of obtaining a loan;
  • Prompt preparation of documentation;
  • The tax system is simple and straightforward, the rates are relatively low;
  • Lack of currency control;
  • Open economy, the government helps foreign investors to start a business;
  • A minimum level of corruption;
  • Geographical location facilitates access to China and other regions.

The ready-made firm is a pre-registered organization specifically designated for subsequent sale. These companies have each a certain name, but it can be changed to a more appropriate one.

The benefits of buying a company in Singapore

Buying a ready-made company with an open account in Singapore is beneficial, as this country is considered one of the leaders in the world economy. It is possible to register a company for almost all types of businesses that are legal. A license is required only to open a bank, insurance company or trust.

The advantages of buying a ready-made company in Singapore:

  • Relatively low tax rates;
  • The ability to quickly submit reporting documents online;
  • Minimal political risks;
  • Availability of preferential lending programs, provision of subsidies;
  • Convenient geographical location, opportunity to enter the SEA market;
  • Developed infrastructure, extensive transport network.

The country provides privileges for young companies, there is an opportunity to get a partial tax deduction. The rate of tax on dividends is zero percent, therefore the jurisdiction is relevant for holding companies. In Singapore it is possible to start a business in a short time, attract investments and enter a new market.

If you plan to buy a company, please consult our experts. We will answer your questions, select the right firm, taking into account the required structure and direction of the business, and check the documents. 

TOP - 3 banks in Asia to open a corporate account.

One of the largest banks in Asia is OCBC. It includes more than 450 branches and subsidiaries, which operate in 17 countries. It is possible to open a corporate multicurrency account. Service is provided in English, Russian and Chinese languages.

The account can be opened at HSBC bank - it is one of the leaders in the global banking market. To open an account the presence of beneficiaries and directors at the interview is required.

SCB offers products to individuals as well as small, medium and large corporations. More than 40 branches of the bank are located in Hong Kong and the organization operates in other countries as well.

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