How to open an offshore in Switzerland in 2021

How to open an offshore in Switzerland in 2021

It is profitable to open an offshore in Switzerland in 2021, as this jurisdiction is prestigious and respectable. It is possible to buy a ready-made business or create an offshore from scratch. If you need advice, please contact our specialists at IT-OFFSHORE.

The nuances of opening a company

There are two options for registering an offshore in Switzerland in 2021 - you can buy a ready-made company or register a new company. Ready-made business is registered with the tax authorities, has its name, and corporate account.

The most popular form of doing business is AG, but you can open an SA as well. The smallest authorized capital should be 100,000 francs. To open a business, at least one director is required, who must be a natural person. It is possible to use a nominal service. Every year the company must file a report. For large firms, there is an audit.

The advantages of opening a company

It is relatively easy to register a company in the country; you can quickly draw up the whole package of documents. The country is one of the most prestigious jurisdictions for doing business.

When registering a business, you can open an account with a Swiss bank. Despite the somewhat loosened requirements for bank secrecy and data disclosure, the country remains popular for businesspeople. As the information about the director is included in the register, which is public, the use of nominal service is popular.

Payment of taxes

The state tax system includes three levels - federal, cantonal and municipal. The rate of corporate tax at the federal level is 8.5%. Rates at the second and third levels may differ significantly. Depending on the place of opening, companies may pay either 14 or 25%. It is possible to optimize taxes and apply privileges.

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