How to open a company in the UAE in 2020?

How to open a company in the UAE in 2020?

The United Arab Emirates is a federal state in the Middle East with 7 emirates. This jurisdiction is one of the fastest growing, so it is profitable to open a company in the UAE in 2020. The government promotes business development, attracting investments from abroad.

The advantages of starting a firm

The UAE is one of the world's largest business centers. Jurisdiction is attractive to investors and businessmen, has global transport connections and encourages start-ups.

What are the advantages of opening:

  • The territory is optimal for commercial contacts;
  • Ports are equipped for product transportation;
  • The economy is developing rapidly;
  • There are tax-free zones;
  • Flexible tax policy;
  • The situation in the country is stable on the economic side;
  • There is no currency control;
  • The state supports foreign business development;
  • The establishment of the company gives the right to obtain a resident visa.

Thus, the opening of the company in the UAE in 2020 is a promising solution, given that there are many advantages of business development in the Emirates. Many opportunities for foreign investors are offered. You can find first-class residential and office buildings in the UAE. To start a business in the UAE, please contact our specialists at IT-OFFSHORE.

Main legal forms

Recently, tourism and a diversified economy have made the Emirates attractive for investment from abroad. Registering firms in the free zones allows foreign businessmen to own and operate a firm without attracting local shareholders.

Several types of companies can be registered in the jurisdiction. It is possible to develop a company outside the free zone (local firm). These companies are used to trade in the local and foreign markets.

A free-zone company may be fully owned by a foreign person and does not require a local partner. Such firms do business within the free zone or outside the jurisdiction. Offshore entities may be fully owned by foreign owners.

Features of opening

You can create a local company in any of the seven emirates. You must first select the type of commercial activity. Each company must have a real existing office.

Starting a business in the free zone is much easier than developing a local company. The administration of such zones usually requires much less information, and registration is conducted faster. In order to operate, the company must have a special license, which has to be renewed annually. There should be an office in the special zone, a manager, a and shareholder. The firm may not trade outside the zone without a local distributor. You can learn more about the features of registration from our specialists at IT-OFFSHORE.

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