Benefits of a corporate account in Switzerland in 2022: Top 3 banks

Benefits of a corporate account in Switzerland in 2022: Top 3 banks

Low financial risk and high confidentiality are the main advantages of a corporate account in Switzerland. Local laws prohibit the disclosure of not only information about the account, but even its existence. Exceptions include cases related to terrorism, money laundering, and other serious crimes. The possibility for a foreigner to remotely open a bank account in Switzerland in 2022 is another plus in favor of this country.

How to open a corporate bank account in Switzerland

A corporate account in Switzerland must be opened before the company is registered with the Commercial Registry. The reason is that along with the statutory documents, it is necessary to submit a bank statement, which will indicate the deposit of the share capital.

To open a corporate bank account in Switzerland in 2022 the following documents are required:

  • information about all shareholders of the company - copies of passports or other identity papers;
  • information on the registration of the business;
  • information on contact persons;
  • information on the company's activities (a business plan may be required);
  • information on the type of account to be opened with the bank, how they will be used.

The bank may also ask for information that relates to the company's expansion and growth plans to establish its financial strength

Top 3 banks in Switzerland for a corporate account

Each Swiss bank has its own rules, documentation requirements, and application procedure. That is why we recommend contacting IT-OFFSHORE experts to make everything quick and as easy as possible. We will find the institution that best meets the requirements of your company.

AP Anlage & Privatbank AG

AP Anlage & Privatbank is a private Swiss bank headquartered in Zurich, a subsidiary of Citadele Banka (Latvia). The bank has offices in many CIS countries, including Ukraine and Latvia.

Features of opening an account with AP Anlage & Privatbank:

  • If the company was registered outside Switzerland, the documents must be translated into English, certified by a notary, apostille;
  • It is possible to open a corporate account in Switzerland 2022 remotely, but it is better to meet in person with a bank representative;
  • There is a requirement to put into the bank not less than 250,000 CHF.It is obligatory to submit a document that confirms the location of the registered office;
  • If the company exists more than 12 months, it is necessary to provide a certificate of positive reputation;
  • If you are engaged in activities that require a license, it is necessary to submit it.

BNP Paribas (Suisse) SA

BNP Paribas (Suisse) SA is one of the best Swiss banks founded in 1872. To open an account here means to get access to a huge number of products, from electronic banking to a variety of investment programs. The bank focuses on international trading operations, if necessary it opens an account in its subsidiaries.

To open an account with BNP Paribas (Suisse) SA you need the following documents:

  • Corporate documentation (originals and copies with apostille);
  • A description of the nature of the business (no form requirements);
  • Information about the sources of funds;
  • Personal documents of the beneficiaries - passport, residence registration, CV.

To open an account with BNP Paribas Switzerland, the beneficiary / managers must be present in person. Our company will help to collect documents, translate, notarize and apostille them without leaving for Switzerland. With our help the account will be opened quickly - within 3-4 weeks. That is how long it takes for the bank to check the documents thoroughly.

C.I.M Bank

C.I.M Bank is one of the most popular banks in Switzerland for foreign companies. It is active in online business (Forex, trading, trading, etc.) and international companies. For international companies, it offers state-of-the-art banking around the clock.

There is no need to visit a branch to open an account with C.I.M. Bank, but a meeting with a bank representative must be conducted remotely via video conferencing. Problems can arise with offshore companies registered in a country that is included in the black list of Europe, but here too issues can be solved on an individual basis.

Minimum deposit to open a corporate account with C.I.M Bank - 10000 CHF/EUR/USD. You need the following documents:

  • founding papers;
  • Good Standing and Incorporation certificates (not older than 1 year);
  • information about the owners, managers and directors.

Paperwork can be submitted in person, remotely, or through representatives. The bank examines the documents for about 10 days, and then opens an account.

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