Where to open a bank account in Switzerland in 2021

Where to open a bank account in Switzerland in 2021

Opening a bank account in Switzerland in 2021 is relevant because the country preserves banking secrecy and confidentiality. For a long time, the country has had legislative rules that prohibited financial institutions to disclose information about the owners.

The benefits of opening an account

According to the laws, when opening a bank account in Switzerland in 2021, it becomes a crime to disclose customer information. Banking laws protect bankers from conflicts that have been initiated by foreign persons.

However, customer confidentiality is lost if the account holder performs illegal activities that are illegal in Switzerland. Disclosure can occur if there are criminal proceedings against the client.

Advantages of a Swiss bank account in 2021:

  • The country is stable;
  • High capital requirements for the bank;
  • Developed economy;
  • Quality financial capital management;
  • A wide range of services in banks.

Many businesspeople, and private clients open accounts in Switzerland due to the financial reliability of the banking system. There is practically no risk of bankruptcy and loss of savings.

How to open an account

To create a deposit, you need to comply with a number of requirements. There are conditions regarding the size of the minimum deposit required to register an account. The smallest amounts range from a few thousand dollars to millions. Requirements for the deposit vary depending on the type of account being created and the purpose of the deposit.

It is necessary to confirm the legitimacy of the origin of financial resources. Once you have chosen a bank, negotiate with the financial institution, gather the necessary documents and prepare an application to register an account.

Get your identification information, including details about the source of your funds. Contact our specialists at IT-OFFSHORE to gather the documents and work out the details of account registration.

Top 5 banks

Before creating a deposit, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the offers of various financial institutions. Choose the bank where you can open an account on favorable terms, according to your needs.

Union Bancaire Privée, UBP SA

This institution was founded in the late 1960s. The bank focuses on investment products and asset servicing. You do not need to travel to the country to register an account, and you can meet with a banker in Moscow. No letters of recommendation are required. The registration period lasts about a month.

VP Bank

The bank focuses on providing exclusive services to private clients - investment programs and asset management. It is possible to register a current or savings account. The bank works with corporate clients as well. It takes about 2 weeks to register an account.


HSBC is the right bank to open an account for a multinational business. The group is represented all over the world. This institution is distinguished by respectability, uses advanced technologies for remote banking, global business solutions and a lot o fother services. It works not only with corporate clients but also with private ones.

Falcon Private Bank

This bank requires a minimum of 500,000 francs to be paid in 6 months in order to get started. This institution has representative offices in London, Singapore, and Hong Kong. The bank specializes mainly in rendering services to private wealthy clients.

BSI Bank

This financial institution is among the largest ones in Switzerland. The bank focuses on providing services for opening accounts - personal, multi-currency, and corporate. Offered services include investments, loans, insurance, etc. The size of the initial deposit must at least 500,000 U.S. dollars.

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