Poland: Re-registration of a ready-made crypto company

Poland: Re-registration of a ready-made crypto company

Buying a ready-made cryptocurrency company in Poland lets you start work immediately. It saves the new owner the time to start the business and to register it in the Register of Virtual Services, as required by the law. Re-registration of a ready-made cryptocurrency company in Poland is a quick and trouble-free process if you ask for assistance from our company's experts.

Advantages of buying a ready-made crypto business in Poland

  • Saving money and time for starting a business.
  • Using the history of the company, its brand, and its reputation in the market. If you bought a shelf company, its age will be an advantage. The older the company is, the more trustworthy it looks for clients and lending institutions.
  • An established client base.
  • Purchase of resources, equipment, and processes that the company has.
  • Acquisition of a business with registration in the Register of Virtual Services, which is an equivalent of a cryptocurrency license.

What is important to know before buying a ready-made cryptocompany

There are two types of cryptocompanies you can buy in Poland:

  • A ready-made cryptocompany in Poland - registered but not functioning. It was created specifically for sale, so the owner buys a business with a clean history.
  • A company that has been on the market for a long time. It is important to understand that the smaller the company, the harder it is to gather information. It is desirable to find out the real reason for the sale, carefully check accounting documents, credit history with the Bureau of Economic Information, and the presence of unpaid liabilities. It is important to analyze contracts with employees and service providers and check reviews.

To protect yourself when buying a cryptocurrency company, it is important to make sure that it has undisputed ownership of its assets and the stock is free of any liabilities to third parties.

Features of buying a cryptocurrency company in Poland

All Polish cryptocompanies operate as LLCs. Before you buy a business, make sure that you will be able to maintain a share capital of €1,200 or more. Check with the Register of Virtual Services to see what services are assigned to the company to make sure they are right for you. The authorized services may be:

  • Cryptocurrency exchange;
  • The brokerage of digital assets;
  • Storage of virtual assets on cryptocurrency wallets.

You can buy a ready-made company in two ways: in person through a notary or remotely.

Buying through a notary

The buyer and seller send the notary a package of documents and information needed to complete the transaction. There must also be documents that:

  • Certify the identity of the shareholders and board members;
  • Contain a complete list of the composition of the board;
  • Designate the scope of activities.

The notary prepares the documents. In their presence, the parties sign a notarial deed, after which the shares are transferred to the buyer. The new documents indicate the new name of the owner. If necessary, changes such as addresses, executive staff, etc., are made.

Next, an application is submitted to the National Court Register for changes, finally reissuing the cryptocompany in Poland to the new owner. Updating the data may take about a week, after which the firm will be registered under the name of the new owner.

Remote purchase

Remote purchase is a more complicated method, suitable if a person can not come in person to confirm the transaction. In this case, the purchase goes like this:

  • The seller certifies the sales contract of their share at the notary.
  • This contract is made in two copies. They should be sent to the buyer, who in turn must sign them at the notary.
  • The document must be returned to the seller, who should apply for an amendment to the National Court Register.

The purchase of a cryptocurrency company can be done electronically by using the S24 portal created by the Ministry of Justice.

To do so, each shareholder and board member must have a profile on this portal in the eKRS system, as well as an ePUAP profile or electronic signature. The owners remotely sign a contract created within the system, after which an application is filed with the National Court Register.

How to quickly buy a cryptocurrency company in Poland

Contact IT-OFFSHORE experts if you want to run a cryptocurrency business in Poland.

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