Buying a ready-made company and account in Poland in 2022

Buying a ready-made company and account in Poland in 2022

Buying a ready-made company in Poland in 2022 is profitable. The country is located in the heart of Europe, is part of the EU, and offers good conditions for business, especially for foreign investors. Among them are political and economic stability, a highly educated workforce, and an ease of doing business (the owner does not have to be present in the country). Corporate tax is low - 19%, with a preferential rate of 9% in the first year of business. Read on to learn how to buy a ready-made company in Poland.

What options are available

An investor studying the Polish market may consider 2 options:

  • Buy an operating company that really works in the market. There are many pitfalls here, so the company must be carefully checked to find out the credit history, whether there are any problems with taxation, whether it is on the edge of bankruptcy, whether it enjoys the trust of customers, etc. Depending on the results, the final price of the company is determined;
  • Buy a shelf company. The organization is created specifically for sale, so it is completely dormant prior to purchase. It is already registered, may have a bank account, no negative credit or tax history. A special plus if it has existed for several years, which increases the confidence in it from the banks, customers. Before you buy, you must also check the paperwork and accounting, but the risk is much lower than when you buy an operating company.

Where to look for a company

The most popular forms of ready made companies in Poland are LLC or S.A. Existing companies can be found on special sites. A disadvantage is that its history must be picked up from scratch, studying to the smallest detail. If you want to reduce risk and speed up the purchase, contact the IT-OFFSHORE specialists.

What the purchase of a ready-made company includes

  • Possibility of sole ownership of the company in Poland;
  • Registration number in the National Court Register (KRS);
  • Legal address in Poland, which can be anywhere the customer wishes (virtual office);
  • Tax registration;
  • Registration with the National Statistical Office;
  • Flexible notarial deed of incorporation that allows for a wide range of activities;
  • Active bank account in all required currencies.

Features of buying a ready-made company in Poland

To buy a business in Poland, you need to:

  • Arrive in the country on a prearranged day;
  • Conclude a sales contract with a notary (buy shares, appoint a director);
  • Open an account in Poland. The list of popular banks includes PKO BP, Santander Bank Polska, ING Bank Śląski, Bank Millennium.

Purchase takes 3-4 business days including preparation of documents and arrangement of all formalities. New owner after the purchase must make changes in the Charter that do not suit him (form of activity, composition of the board, capital increase, etc.). The official registration in the commercial register will take place after all the documents have been prepared. After the complete transfer of the shares, the company can immediately begin to work.

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