Offshore prepaid cards

Offshore prepaid cards

Offshore prepaid cards allow efficient payments and transactions in different currencies. When paying for services or goods, money is withdrawn not from a current account but from the card, which provides increased security. The card already has money on it, and no credit is given. Some cards can be topped up while others can't. In the second case, when the  balance is zero, the prepaid card is liquidated. Prepaid offshore cards are offered by various payment systems including VISA, UnionPay, American Express Discover, etc.

Advantages of offshore prepaid cards

Prepaid cards are a great alternative to cash. Depending on the payment system and user's requests, they can be issued both in physical and digital form. It's actually a basic virtual wallet, which can be replenished by different methods, e.g. through terminals, banks, direct transfers, etc. If replenishing is not possible once the money is spent, the card can be thrown away.

There are a lot of advantages of offshore prepaid cards:

  • Increased security is one of their main features. Even if the criminal has all card details, he is not able to get to the user's account or spend more than the set amount.
  • Such a card expands access to financial services, allowing one to pay for services and goods, and make payments in different countries of the world.
  • Multicurrency options are available depending on the payment system.
  • It is possible to give the card to another user for different purposes. For example, you may give it to an employee, or a trusted person for transactions. Another popular option is using it as a gift.
  • You can easily withdraw money from ATMs within the available amount. The limit is set by the user. All you need for that is a PIN code.

The owner of an offshore company located in the region, which is not highly reputable, can open an account in a popular payment system. It will allow him to pay and receive payments for goods and services. If necessary, it's possible to order a prepaid card, which preserves the anonymity of its owner.

Types of prepaid cards

Prepaid cards are advantageous because they can be used in different ways. The most popular offshore prepaid cards are the following:

  • Open - have the embedded logo of the payment system and/or bank to which they belong. They can be used in any online or offline store that is approved by the bank and/or payment system. You can easily replenish the balance of the card.
  • Closed-circuit - usually designed for use in a single store or chain. They are often issued as gifts or shipping certificates. They have no payment system logo and can be either reloadable or not.
  • Reloadable - you can easily replenish the balance which allows you to use the card permanently without having to create a new one when the balance is zero.
  • Not reloadable - the money has already been credited and it is not possible to increase the balance. This option is convenient to use for purchases and one can throw such a card away when the balance is zero. You will not have to be afraid that the data will get to the criminal. Another example is gift cards.
  • Payroll Cards are cards that are convenient for paying salary.

How to get a prepaid card

To get an offshore prepaid card, contact IT-OFFSHORE experts and we will find a payment system that fully meets your needs.

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