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Cryptocurrency license in Lithuania, Estonia, Poland

How to get a cryptocurrency license in Europe 2022


Cryptocurrency exchanges, as well as organizations involved in the exchange, storage of digital money in virtual wallets, must obtain a cryptolicense in Europe. This decision was published in the 5th EU Anti-Money Laundering Directive in 2020. Choosing a country to register a cryptocompany and obtain a license, experts recommend paying attention to Lithuania, Estonia, Poland.

What you should know before obtaining a cryptolicense

European countries that issue a cryptolicense, carefully check the applicant, so the documents must be in order. It is important that the owner, directors, other employees of the cryptocompany do not have a criminal record, as well as are not connected with criminal cases.

Cryptocurrency license 2022 processing has its own peculiarities in different jurisdictions. Some countries, such as Estonia, offer a single license that allows both exchange and storage of digital currency. Lithuania, on the other hand, issues two licenses. On the one hand, it may seem more troublesome than obtaining a license in Estonia, but on the other hand, it saves money. 

Poland has a different situation. It issues two licenses, one local and one international. And while the first is easy to get, the second is problematic.


To get a cryptolicense, an investor must register a limited liability company. This can be done remotely, after submitting all documents, registration takes up to 2 weeks. Obligatory conditions - authorized capital from €2500, employing a staff member who monitors and prevents money laundering (must have a license).

To get a cryptolicense in Lithuania, you must apply to the regulator:

  • Physical address of the company in Lithuania, website address;
  • Detailed information about the real owner;
  • Data about all employees of the company;
  • Business plan detailing the operation of the company;
  • Certificate of cleanliness of all employees who will manage the company.

All papers must be translated into English, notarized, apostilled where necessary. The Regulator considers an application for 2 months, for an additional fee - 2 weeks.


Single cryptocurrency license in Estonia is issued once, no repeated checks are required. It can be obtained online, using the e-residence card. Other options are to contact a notary in Tallinn or a representative of our company.

To get a cryptocurrency license in Estonia, you need the following documents:

  • full information about the real owner of the business, including phone, e-mail;
  • documents of the contact person, directors, which must be a citizen of Estonia;
  • real law office in Estonia;
  • website;
  • non-criminal record.

The amount of registered capital for a cryptocompany is €12 000. At the time of application, all money must be in the account. Prior to that, it is also necessary to open a bank account, get IBAN.


Cryptocurrency license in Poland has its own features. The country issues 2 permits - small or national payment institution (MIP and KIP). The first allows to work in Poland, the second allows to work in other countries.

MIP is suitable for a startup, issued within 14 days. The license allows:

  • to keep up to €2000 in wallets;
  • to make/receive payments (up to €1.5 million/month);
  • to create payment instruments;
  • to exchange cryptocurrencies;
  • to give credits.

MIP-license does not allow to issue ICO, to work in another country. If international market, issue of digital coins is planned, it is necessary to get KIP. An additional advantage of this license is the possibility for users to keep an unlimited amount of money.

KIP is only for legal entities, the amount of registered capital depends on the number of services provided. To get a KIP one should submit a package of documents, including a three year work plan, a list of services, and a bank guarantee. The procedure of obtaining KIP is complicated and can take a couple of months. To speed it up, it is better to act through our company.

How to get a cryptolicense in the EU

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